Support for GDPR?

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With GDPR soon to be enforced on all customers with web prescence doing business in the EU, I was expecting to find at least something regarding this on the Episerver World site. However, a search yields 0 results. Could some Episerver representative shed some lights on what is already supported, and what is in the pipeline since there must be thousands of sites affected by this and you want to avoid that all partners have to figure out what to do and then do custom solutions for all requirements from GDPR?

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    Hi Quan!

    Thanks for the links. I am aware of these, and I also aware that these are general high level recommendations to what GDPR is and not really how the Episerver product quite supports requirements. If you read this article in CMS Wire and Peters comments, he clearly states that Episerver is working on parts regarding product support for GDPR. I am interested in what this actually means and how the roadmap looks for these features:

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    Hi Linus, the Episerver Trust Center is where you will find relavent information regarding our data privacy positions including GDPR. 

    In addition, we are hosting a GDPR webinar on October 24th that might help shed more light on this: 

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    Thanks Brian! Will join the webinar to get more insights on this.

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