multiple login provider for multi-site in EPiServer-DXC

I am working on a project where requirement is to have multiple external login provider for each site, in multi-site environment of EPiServer - DXC. Since there is only one web.config file, we are facing difficulty to identify the approach for authentication.

One approach that I can think is to have multiple website. Any other approach ?



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    I don't know about DXC, but in on-prem scenario i used the multiplexingprovider, where you can hook up to 10 providers

    This pattern may be legacy though...

    Regards Luc

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    Hi Avin.

    I would not recommend to spin up seperate sites (Episerver instances with isolated wwwroots and application pools) simply because of your desire to authenticate against different authentication providers.

    If you're using ASP.NET Membership, you should instead consider implementing a more clever version of the MultiplexingProvider, which can relay your authentication operation to a designated MembershipProvider according to the active multi-site. Alternatively, if you're using OWIN for authentication, you can rely on the "provider" option as part of your authentication challenges.

    Hope that gave you some direction.

    /Casper Aagard Rasmussen


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    To add to my answer above. Spinning up additional Web Apps as part of DXC Service also has a license impact.

    /Casper Aagaard Rasmussen

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