Automate way of activating cloud licenses

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We are deploying EPiServer CMS on Amazon.

We will have 3 Dev, Test and production environments.

We are implementing infrastructure as code. 

When we are updating our web servers we create AWS images (AMI's) which have the windows server along with our websites.

We have license.config in the website root.

We are finding that whenever we create a new VM from an image we have to go to the CMS admin interface and activate the cloud license.

I was wondering if there is a way to automate the process to activate a website.

Ideally we want to call an API that allows us to activate or deactive the cloud license for a website.

If API is not available what are our options?

Let us know if anybody else has run into this and if you have any suggestions for us.



#142446 Dec 10, 2015 22:22
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    If you deploy a copy of an existing database with activated sites with the same license that was used for activation then a re-activation should not be necessary.

    #142637 Dec 17, 2015 8:14
  • This does not answer the question.

    What is the API we can call to activate / deactive a cloud license?


    #142662 Dec 17, 2015 17:49
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    We have a similar issue.

    We have a production and a test site in an Azure. We are automating restoring of a production DB to the test DB. After that we update [tblSiteDefinition] and [tblHostDefinition] tables with a test site URLs. After restarting a test site, we have a new setup up and running except for the licenses. When I go to the CMS -> Admin -> Config -> Manage Websites -> Cloud Licence, I see that the test site license is active, but the site displays a message that it is not. After I deactivate and activate the license, the message disappears. I couldn't find any license mapping in the DB which I could update. Application restart also doesn't help.

    How can I automate license activation? And why it displays the license as active while it is not?

    #178989 May 29, 2017 12:22