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  • Planned breaking changes for Commerce in 2019

    When we are closing on the end of 2018, it's probably the best the talk about what future - namely 2019 - has for us. What I can share at the moment is we started working on a new major version of Commerce - most likely, Commerce 13 . Since we moved to the weekly releases process, major releases have no long contained new major features, because...

  • Content Approval: Show Content Info box with Reviewers

    Content approval in Episerver CMS has been around for a while now, but coding examples using it are still fairly hard to find. Here is a simple one that might come in handy.

  • Enabling/attaching and disabling/detaching content providers from Episerver edit UI

    How and why you should register content providers from the UI.

  • Nested hierarchical faceting with Episerver Find

    Probably a bit of a niche subject but if you've ever wanted a nested hierarchical facet in Episerver Find this is for you! It builds on the existing HierarchicalFacet2Find code and adds support for nested fields.

  • Digizuite: Keeping developers in mind when building the addon

    I have worked on many different addon's for Episerver over the years - and used many more. One thing that often strikes me is that either an Addon is for editors or it is for developers, but rarely both. With the new Digizuite integration we are trying to give both groups the tools they need.

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