Dynamic content implementation not working:

Otavio Soccol
Member since: 2009
After reading some documentation on how to implement dynamic content display.
I have implemented a test as simple as I could so here is the class:


After doing that I have registered the dynamic content on the config file.

So then on the html editor "edit mode" I have added my property to the page and published it. Now when I load the page I get to see the same I see in the xhtml editor.

"DinamicContent : DynamicTest wrapped on curly brackets."

Any suggestions??? I'm probably missing something trivial.

Thanks in advance.


#30178 Jun 04, 2009 15:00
  • Anders Hattestad
    Member since: 1996
    Are you using the XhtmlString Property. You can add a dynamic property with the PropertyLongString, but it want render.
    #30179 Jun 04, 2009 15:07
  • Otavio Soccol
    Member since: 2009

    Thanks for the quick response Anders, yes it is a XHTML string (>255).

    It is the main content area.

    #30180 Jun 04, 2009 15:22
  • Otavio Soccol
    Member since: 2009
    The site is an EPiServer CMS 5.2.375.7 implementation.
    #30181 Jun 04, 2009 16:36
  • Peter Sunna
    Member since: 2002
    Are you using the episerver property control when rendering your content? CurrentPage["MainBody"] won't parse the dynamic content span tag.
    #30182 Jun 04, 2009 16:46
  • Otavio Soccol
    Member since: 2009

     The page type is called "[Public] Standard Container" and is implemented this way:


     Do I need an EPiServer:Property here? I'm fairly new to epi server.

    Thanks Peter.

    #30184 Edited, Jun 04, 2009 17:24
  • Otavio Soccol
    Member since: 2009
    You were right Peter, I had a direct access to the code behind property #MainBody and now substituting it for the EPiServer:Property PropertyName="MainBody" runat="server" finally outputs the expected!! (Hello from About 'Page Name'!)
    Thanks for your help guys!!

    Otavio Soccol

    #30185 Jun 04, 2009 17:42