IntegrationMultiplexingMembershipProvider and community admins

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We have implemented a custom membership provider and are using the IntegraionMultiplexingMembershipProvider.

We have thre providers in the multiplexing chain:

  1. SqlMembershipProvider
  2. WindowsMembershipProvider
  3. CustomMembershipProvider

Now we cannot view the communty links in the community tab in the edit-view for adminstrators in the SqlMembershipProvider. These administrators have to be member of the Administrators group. But we cannot add an Administrators group in the SqlRoleProvider because it already exists in the WindowsRoleProvider.

We want to have a CommunityAdmins group. How do we do to give them access to the community links in the community tab?

#30749 Jun 18, 2009 10:14
  • tost
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    Hi Erik,

    1. Log in with an admin account
    2. Navigate to Community tab
    3. Go to "Administrative Access Rights" -> "Administration" and give your group access
    4. Go to "Modules" -> "EPiServer Community" and give the group access
    5. Go in to each of the modules and give the group access
    Best regards,
    #30796 Jun 22, 2009 16:19