Web services in EPiServer CMS 5

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Has anyone experienced the following error message whenever a web service method is called: The HTTP verb POST used to access path '/WebService.asmx/MethodName' is not allowed This is the error message we get after browsing to the .asmx file and clicking "Invoke" on a "Hello World"-type web method.
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  • Christer Ottosson
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    Ive also got the same problem. It seems like webservice doesnt like the wildcard mapping (.*) in iis settings. Havent got any solution to it yet.
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  • Paul Kennett
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  • Paul Kennett
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    I have only started to look for a solution to a similar problem.  I see this is an old thread but thought adding more details may prompt for solutions or help others who come across this:

    I have a basic webservice which runs fine in my local development (XP Prof, VS2005 Prof, Casini browser). 

    The asmx file is at the path: /templates/Public/services/storeLinks.asmx and has among other webmethods 'StoreLink'. 

    Once deployed to editor environment (Win2003 Server, IIS6.0) the same call (jquery->ajax) is along the lines of:

                        type: "POST",
                        url: "/templates/Public/services/myLinks.asmx/StoreLink",
                        data: {'linkID': link.attr("name")},
                        contentType: ...[snip]

    results in the following log entry. 

    System.InvalidOperationException: Request format is unrecognized for URL unexpectedly ending in '/StoreLink'.
       at System.Web.Services.Protocols.WebServiceHandlerFactory.CoreGetHandler(Type type, HttpContext context, HttpRequest request, HttpResponse response)
       at System.Web.Services.Protocols.WebServiceHandlerFact...[snip] can post more!

    NO SOLUTION yet but have been investigating aspects of correctly setting up webservices under IIS6.0.  Seems okay. 

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

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    Hi there!

    I am having the same problem and was wondering if anyone had come accross a solution yet?

    I am using jquery to make an ajax call. The server is Windows server 2003 (32 bit), running IIS 6. My webservices are loated in a folder off the website root called webservices. I have added the following to the web.config:

    <location path="Webservices">
        <add name="HttpGet" />
        <add name="HttpPost" />
        <add name="HttpSoap" />
       <clear />
       <add path="*.asmx" verb="*" type="System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptHandlerFactory, System.Web.Extensions, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31BF3856AD364E35" validate="false" />
       <add path="WebResource.axd" verb="GET" type="System.Web.Handlers.AssemblyResourceLoader" validate="true"/>
       <allow users="*"/>

    I am making the ajax call using the following javascript:

    var webserviceurl = "/Webservices/FundPricesGetter.asmx/GetAllVisitorIdentityFundPricesHtml";

    var allVisitorIdentityFundPricesXml = $.ajax({
     type: "POST",
     complete: function() {
     async: false,
     url: webserviceurl,
     data: "visitorIdentity=" + getCookie("visitoridentity")

    It all works fine on my development computer, just not on the server. I keep getting the error: "No http handler was found for request type 'POST'".

    Thanks in advance.

    #31881 Aug 13, 2009 15:57
  • Anders Murel
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     In Glocal.asax:

    //The BeginRequest event is fired for every hit to every page in the site
    void Application_BeginRequest(Object Sender, EventArgs e)
    var extensions = new[] {".asmx", ".svc"};
    foreach (var ext in extensions)
    var index = Context.Request.Path.IndexOf(ext, StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase);
    if (index <0) continue;

    var path = Context.Request.Path.Substring(0, index + ext.Length);
    var pathInfo = Context.Request.Path.Substring(index + ext.Length);
    var query = Context.Request.Url.Query ?? "";
    if (query.StartsWith("?")) query = query.Substring(1);
    Context.RewritePath(path, pathInfo, query);



    You could also make it into a httpmodule.. If you do that it is easier to tourn it on/off. 

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