Custom Recipient Source



My customer stores user data in a separate database. It doesnt seem right to import users into EPiServer mail database via the standard recipient source import function. Therefore I believe it´s better to build a custom recipient source provider that fetches data from the the existing database.
Am I thinking right there?
Does the permission system in EPiserver Mail work also with a custom recipient source provider?
How do I get my custom recipient source provider to show up in the source dropdown of Episerver Mail? I started off by(just to test the concept) copying the custom source code sample published at episerver world into my own web project assembly, and built the project.  What do I have to do to make it show up in the dropdown? I read about that the option to install custom provider should be present when installing EpiServer Mail from the Deployment Center but I have not seen any option of that kind... Anyone can help me?


#29711 May 09, 2009 23:22
    Forget it. I simply forgotted to inherti from the source-interface...
    #29770 May 13, 2009 9:45