Make custom property always read the default value

Per Nergård
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I have custom property where I set some default values for configuration purposes. When I create a new page these are read correctly. But if I go to the pagetype and change these and edit the page I just created the previous default values has been saved and the new default values are ignored.

So the question is if it's possible always get the property to read the default values defined on the page type?

I thougth I had fixed it but unforunatley i hadn't.



#29253 Apr 17, 2009 15:28
  • Per Nergård
    Member since: 2007

    I'll answer my own question. Use definition = PageDefinition.Load(customProp.PageDefinitionId) and then definition.DefaultValue;


    #29261 Apr 18, 2009 23:23