Fetch data from page leads to Access denied error


The error occurs when a page has "Link type" set to "Fetch data from page in EPiServer CMS" and the page that the data is fetched from has a Publish stop date. Then I get error message "Access was denied to page (the "fetched" pageID)" for the "Everyone" user.

Reproduce error:

1.Create or find a page that has a Publish stop date (expired)

2. Create a testpage

2. Set the "Link type" to "Fetch data from page in EPiServer CMS" and choose the expired page. Save and publish

3. Log out and go to the testpage.

How can this be solved? 



#26100 Nov 20, 2008 11:12
  • pappabj0rn
    Member since: 2007
    This is by design as the page has expired. You could load the page by code to bypass the access check, but not by setting the fetch data from property.
    #26110 Nov 20, 2008 13:13