Problem installing VS integration

Magnus Rahl
Member since: 2008
I am unable to install the EPiServer Visual Studio integration for CMS R2. After a first "pass" of the progress bar in the installer, it stops close to zero, and about 20 seconds later it just disappears. No error message and not a trace in neither visual studio nor add/remove programs. If it matters I have VS2003, 2005 and 2008 installed, 2005 with the old CMS integration already in place, but I want the R2 integration in VS2008. Anyone experienced anything similar?
#27007 Jan 13, 2009 21:05
  • Erik Nordin Wahlberg
    Member since: 2004
    I think I had this problem when running EPiServerVsIntegration.msi instead of Setup.exe.
    #27014 Jan 14, 2009 10:59
  • Magnus Rahl
    Member since: 2008
    I will try the setup instead, thanks for the tip.
    #27095 Jan 16, 2009 15:51