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  • Commerce 13 is ready to go

    The day has finally come, and we got the approval from our QA team for Commerce 13. It will be released to public earlier next week. If you plan to upgrade to Commerce 13 (which you should ;) ), these are a few things to keep in mind Commerce 13 is a breaking change release, which means you will most likely have to update your code for it to get...

  • Five things developers need to start doing now to make editors happy!

    Over the years I've seen many implementations of Episerver and one thing that has been consistent is developers tending to forget about the Editor.  You know, that person who will wind up using the product.  Sometimes it's an inherited project from an inexperienced partner or customer that decided they could do it all themselves… after all Epi i... 7

  • Part 2: prices, markets and taxes for B2B and B2C

    In this blog post we’ll continue on the topic of prices, markets and taxes in one Episerver solution. As promised, we’ll take a look at using prices including or excluding tax and adding support for both a B2B site and a B2C site . Just to refresh our memory, we’ll take a look at this market configuration: As you can see we’ve configured B2C_no...

  • Simple restocked emails for Episerver Commerce

    Allowing customers to subscribe to out of stock email notifications is a great way to create value for your customers and doesn’t have to be hard to implement. Read the whole blog post. Related Posts: Raygun error and crash reporting for Episerver Introduction – Create an EPiServer site from scratch 2010 Part 1: Injection – […]

  • Clear caches individually

    Recently I was asked for an easy way to manually delete a cache entry key, so I decided to build a simple module that could be helpful for both developers and administrators who understand how cache is used; for instance, to invalidate Content Output Cache in EPiServer. This tool have the following: List all cache … Continue reading Clear caches...

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