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I am currently researching an ecommerce solution for a site developed in EPiServer 5, obviously I am aware of EPiStore but does anyone have any alternate recommendations or any pearls of wisdom regarding using or not using either or?

Any info welcomed 


#30024 May 27, 2009 11:48
  • Peter Lapalus
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    We have used Microsoft Commerce Server with EPiServer 5 with great success. See http://www.byggmax.se. It is a far bigger deal though than implementing EPiStore. We use EPiServer as a "Content Provider" hosting content and basic site navigation. MS Commerce Server is the foundation in the solution. We also have several other systems integrated.





    #30036 May 27, 2009 15:58

    Thanks Peter,

    I know others who have implemented similiar and it has worked well. I should have mentioned in my initial post that there is a budgetary constraint Smile i.e. not much.

    I have this afternoon been looking at Magento to give everyone an idea.

    Anyone have experience of that or other open source solutions?

    #30037 May 27, 2009 18:26