Dynamic query order by random

Constantinos Alexandrou
Member since: 2008

How do I proceed in order to make a dynamic query order by random similar to when using the the built in filtering functions with the following parameter?

new ImageSortOrder(ImageSortField.Random, StarSuite.Core.Modules.Sorting.SortingDirection.Ascending)
#23296 Sep 02, 2008 18:16
  • tost
    Member since: 2007


    I'm sorry to say that this is not possible in with dynamic query.

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    #27288 Jan 23, 2009 16:04
  • Marius Slette Johansen
    Member since: 2005
    This is a late reply, but couldn't you make a method to randomize the ImegeCollection after running a query? That would probably be some extra work, but making a cached randomized collection could probably work for this problem. Or? :)
    #27521 Feb 02, 2009 10:57