Problem uploading multiple files in CMS5.

Hi. When I try to upload multiple files to the filemanager a window "EPIFileUpload version 1.0" pop-ups but nothing happens. It seems that the program crashes because it is not possible to close the window. I'm using Episerver CMS 5, Windows XP and IE7. Regards Morten.
#11436 Mar 25, 2008 18:32
  • Maria Sognefors
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    Hi! Have you installed the compontent required for multiple uploading? You should download a new one, since the last one i 2.0. Do you have permission to use drag and drop in the FileManager? You set that in "Permission for Functions" in Admin Mode. I have also noticed that it is very important were you drop your files in EPiServer FileManager to manage the upload. Try to drop the files on the text or a file in the big white area in EPiServer Filemanager. This is reported to the developing team to fix in next generation. Maria Sognefors
    #11807 Mar 25, 2008 18:33
  • ian.causton
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    Where can I get this component from?



    #23080 Aug 26, 2008 18:05
  • Andrea Filyo
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    The component is available from the top Root level in your EPiServer CMS site, under the tab called "Components". Click the "Install version..." to install the component. And as stated in the previous reply, be sure to check the File Manager permissions set for users in Admin Mode, under the Config tab/Security/Permission for functions.
    #23101 Aug 27, 2008 9:59
  • Mats Selberg
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    Hi! We have issues as well with multiple file uploads in CMS5 R1 SP1 and Internet Explorer 7.

     With a clean install of IE7 or a an IE6 upgrade to IE7 before the components is installed we cannot use multiple file uploads.

    We have confirmed that installing IE6 and the components before the IE7 upgrade will solve the issue. Unfortunately this is not an option for all our users so I would like to know if there is an workaround for this or if youre having any plans on a hotfix?

    Mats Selberg

    #29182 Apr 14, 2009 13:46
  • Eric
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    Hi, are you using Vista? There should be no problem with the components for XP but if your are using vista there could be some problem with the UAC. Turn it on and it will probably help you.
    #29448 Apr 28, 2009 9:58
  • Mats Selberg
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    We are using XP and have issues with installing the components when we have a clean install of IE7.



    #30747 Jun 18, 2009 9:42