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I am making a list with links to Word documents, some in .docx format and some in .doc format. I have set the target frame to open in a new window. When I click on a link with a .doc document I get the dialog box asking if I want to open or save the document, and I can open the document directly. However when I click on a link to a .docx document I have to save the document before I can open it. How can I manage to open the .docx documents without having to save it first??

#31251 Jul 14, 2009 14:42
  • Steve Celius
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    What version of EPiServer is this?

    It is usually releated to mime-type registration in IIS or EPiServer.

    #31252 Jul 14, 2009 14:47


    EPiServer CMS 5

    #31261 Jul 15, 2009 8:10