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Last updated: Sep 21 2015

The following XML pseudocode describes the <staticFile> section of the configuration file. The Configuration topic describes the syntax used in the description of the configuration elements.


<staticFile cacheControl="string"
            expirationTime="TimeSpan" />

<staticFile> Element Attributes

Note: The staticFile element is optional. The following default configuration values are set in code and are overriden if other values are specified in the web.config file.

NameDefault ValueDescription
cacheControl auto The cache policy to be used for static files. Possible values are auto or one of the values HttpCacheability found att
If the value is set to auto, the actual cache policy to be used is calculated for each request. If the request is made by an authenticated user, the cache policy will be HttpCacheability.Private, otherwise HttpCacheability.Public.
enableOutputCache false Defines if the output cache is used.
expirationTime 12:0:0 TimeSpan that is added to DateTime.UtcNow to calculate the Expires HTTP header value.

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