Adding new property to user

Im new in Episerver and started directly with CMS5, Im searching for adding a new data to existing user, user has some default data for example : company, FirstName, Lastname but I want to add extra data. but still couldnt find solution. As I read from the forum articles, Episerver.Personalization.PersonalizedData should work for this purpose. CAn you please help me? Do we still have the PersonalizedData class in CMS5 or somthing else instead of it?
#13326 Mar 25, 2008 18:36
  • daro
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    EPiServer has a code sample regarding this:

    #19943 May 16, 2008 8:18
  • milos.malic
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    Daro, link is broken
    #29989 May 26, 2009 11:51
  • Magnus Rahl
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    Use EPiServerProfile for the same purpose you used PersonalizedData before. What values can be stored (what keys are valid) in the profile have to be specified in the profile section of web.config. If you installed using the deployment center you will find some predifined properties like Company and ZipCode in this section, you can then add your own. However, none of these properties will show up in the edit/admin user administration unless you develop plugins for them (targeting PluginArea.SidSettingsArea).

    #29990 May 26, 2009 12:23