EmailActorConfigurationModel should be CultureSpecific, and Actor must respect localized model value

Found in

EPiServer.Forms 4.4.3


Mar 20 2017


Mar 21 2017


Built-in elements


In Progress


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By default, the configuration model of Actor (in general) is not localized. It brings the same behaviour to Forms (across all languages).

In case of email actor, localizing email template make more sense. We have request from partner that SendEmailAfterSubmissionActor property of FormContainer should be CultureSpecific, so email template (with localized text) is sent in related language.

Though we do not encourage modify the property SendEmailAfterSubmissionActor to CultureSpecific, but if developer modifies it, the EmailActor should respect localized placeholder.

  • use current language to generate the #placeholderName#
  • use correct actual value (of submission, in the current language) to replace #placeholderName#

Note: Built-in #summary# placeholder works correctly as expected.