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  • Ambiguous match found - thrown from ContentDataMetadataProvider

    I’m in the middle of a big upgrade from CMS6R2 to 7.19.2 and I faced an interesting problem. It seemed that EPiServer was not able to match interface literal to a valid type. I decided to dig in to EPiServer core to find out what the problem is: propertyWithAttributes is then passed to a special method that tries to extract the typename and...

  • Demands of evolving businesses

    "If Your Business Isn't Evolving, It's Dying" . Along with the businesses, EPiServer is also evolving. In result of a new big merger a new brand names is already in market, “EPiServer Digital Experience” (EDE). Growing E-Commerce websites are focusing on customer experience and doing a lot to engage their customers. EPiServer Digital Experience ...

  • Simple robots.txt built with mvc

    The other day there was a question about serving static files from episerver, like a robots.txt. Since most editor like to be able to update the robots.txt them self many of us has build solutions for that. There are also some packages in the nuget feed from EPiServer that will help you do just that. But if you are like me, I do not like to have... 2

  • Content Area – Under the Hood, Part 1

    Lately I was visiting and revisiting content area, code and functionality around this feature in EPiServer and decided to revisit it once again and take a closer look at what's really inside. So the blog post is not about what content area is, but how it works, how responsible party for rendering and templating is selected when EPiServer needs t...

  • Override TinyMCE settings for Paste in EPiServer CMS 8

    During the last days I have revived complaints from our editors regarding that to much junk gets pasted into the XHtml text-editors. I decided to try to clear all the class and styles and other junk during paste (CTRL+ V) in to XHtml editor. Eliminating the old paste to notepad first approach. It is of great concern […]

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New release of EPiServer CMS with enhanced preview and improved SEO

Today we're releasing a new version of EPiServer CMS. I want to highlight this release since it contains a number of important updates, as well as some breaking technology changes.

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