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  • Add NLog to your EPiServer site, the easy way

    Though the API is still in pre release, I looked into adding NLog logging to EPiServer in an easy way, as a LoggerFactory. Turns out it’s not very difficult and the API seems to work perfectly ok. Basically you have a logging factory, that needs to implement the ‘ ILoggerFactory’ interface The logger itself needs […]

  • Customer Roadshow - Boston Kickoff

    Greetings! I had the pleasure of attending the first "tour date" of the EPiServer Customer Roadshow in Boston this past Tuesday. As Ektron customer of about 7 years, I am sure some of you fellow old-timers have experienced the same apprehension regarding the Ektron/EPiServer merger as I have. After experiencing a very down-to-earth and honest... 1

  • EPiServer 7.5 – List icons for blocks

    OK, maybe this is obvious for everyone else, but it wasn’t to me. So this is part sharing and part to remember my self. And for the record, this may not be the most correct way, but it’s the way i figured out. What i wanted to do What i wanted to do, was to … Continue reading EPiServer 7.5 – List icons for blocks →

  • 3 Reasons We’re Excited About the Chicago EPiServer Roadshow Next Week

    We'll be at the EPiServer Roadshow event in Chicago on April 21, 2015, and here are some reasons why we're looking forward to it.

  • An Example Product Level Pricing Provider

    Introduction For some e-Commerce projects out there it might be more logical to store the prices on a product level than to store it on the variants. One example is clothing stores. A T-Shirt product might have four different sizes but they all cost the same. Then it makes sense to store the price on the product level instead of on the variant... 2

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New release of EPiServer CMS with enhanced preview and improved SEO

Today we're releasing a new version of EPiServer CMS. I want to highlight this release since it contains a number of important updates, as well as some breaking technology changes.

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