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Episerver Solution Architect (Pre-sales), Stockholm
Episerver Solution Architect (Pre-sales) Holland

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  • Continent-Country-Region drop down list as dojo property

    I have looked at different ways of implementing a dropdown list with dependencies. Have looke at Doong Nguyen’s solution but had problems making it also work with continent. First of all I made a ContinentCountryRegionSelectionFactory to get all items needed. class DependedItem : ISelectItem { public string Parent { get; set; } public object Val... 1

  • Use nested queries in Find

    Since EPiServer released update 89 it is possible to use nested queries in EPiServer Find. Nested queries is a feature from Elastic Search that is now also supported by Find. With nested queries it is possible to query on a list that is defined on a type. For example, an Employees list property that belongs [...]

  • Remember me

    I’m looking forward to the Profile Store in EPiServer, but in the mean time I want some information to be remembered. You can, of course, create your own persistent visitor groups, but who knows what will change when the Profile Store arrives. I just wanted the Visited Pages to be remembered, and perhaps the Visited […]

  • Schedule exchange rate updates in Commerce

    I was poking around n Quicksilver and I found an interesting piece of code for adding exchange rates to your site. In Quicksilver it is done once, during initialization, so I decided to create a scheduled job for it as rates tend to change :) Pluggable, so you can add your own provider. The scheduled […]

  • So you’ve decided to move from Ektron to Episerver

    I like to call it the perfect storm. You know, when the universe or a supreme deity or whatever decides to throw a bunch of stuff at you all at once to see if you’ll break? What did we possibly do to deserve this? A.K.A The problem Guess what? One side of the company is relaunching under a completely new name and brand! Hey guys, with the new si...

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