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As we are growing, we are looking to fill several new technical positions. If you are interested in working for a successful global product company, with a flat organizational structure, visit our careers section. Openings include:

Senior Developer for our Digital Marketing Team, Stockholm
Senior HTML/CSS Developer for our Digital Marketing Team, Stockholm
Solution Architect, USA
Solution Architect, Holland
Solution Architect, Stockholm

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  • Inline checkbox editor

    In the last post I described how to extend the All properties view. I changed the behavior of forms editing by subscribing to events between widgets. But code did not affect the On Page edit view. It was possible to edit message details, while it was not possible to change the ShowMaintenanceMessage bool property state. It […] The post Inline...

  • New version of Geta Tags

    The new version now finally supports other types of content like MediaData, BlockData and CatalogContent in addition to PageData. Read the whole blog post.Related Posts: Creating a mobile version of a web site Simple URL keeper for EPiServer Programmatically adding files to EPiServer’s File System Introduction – Create an EPiServer site from...

  • Adding EPiServer Find to Alloy - Part 3

    In this blog series I am going to show you step by step how you can add EPiServer Find to a project and also how to use it and the most functions in it. Installing EPiServer Find Filtering what to index Implementing a simple search page Extend search page with facets Extend search page with simple and advanced autocomplete Custom search and clic... 4

  • Moving from EPiServer CMS to EPiServer Commerce as a Developer

    Are you starting your first EPiServer Commerce project? What are the major differences between the products? What new challenges do you face in an ecommerce project vs a regular website project?

  • EPiServer: strongly typed layout model without IPageViewModel

    EPiServer provides Alloy sample which uses IPageViewModel interface to provide strongly typed model for layout, but this approach has several issues. In this article I am going to show alternative way for strongly typed layout models. Problem Lot of ASP.NET MVC examples show data sharing between controllers and layouts using dynamic ViewBag or...

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Only accounts associated with a partner company will be able to post. Read the full article for background and to add your feedback.

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