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  • [No-workflow] Using and customizing ILineItemValidator

    What is ILineItemValidate Using workflow, we had ValidateLineItemsActivity - that was called everytime adding an item to cart, verifying cart,... And in Episerver Commerce 8.x (I don't remember exactly version :)), ILineItemValidator was introduced for no-workflow way. How does it work When calling Cart.ValidateOrRemoveLineItems, the method will...

  • Planned Breaking Changes in Commerce 2017

    We are working on a number of changes in Commerce that will change some behavior and APIs in a way that by Semantic Versioning is considered breaking and therefore will be released as a new major version of Commerce. The current estimate for this new major version is Q2 2017. Details on the breaking changes will be announced at a later stage whe... 2

  • EPiServer - Customize the drop behavior in TinyMCE

    In EPiServer we can drop pages, blocks, and media in the TinyMCE editor. Based on the type of content, HTML is generated in the editor. In this blog, I'll explain how you can customize the drop behavior.

  • How to render SVG in edit mode

    Self note: SVG is a smart media format that enables us to use same image in different sizes without compromising on quality and performance. EPiServer supports SVGs but images will not display in editor mode while using the IMG tag, as media urls are updated with version details. e.g. "globalassets/160-835st_bilok_2_screw_straight8mm_x_35mm.svg"...

  • How to respect the MVC routes when resolving the URL to an action

    Routing is the way an ASP.NET MVC web application directs a web request to a given controller. ASP.NET MVC and Episerver has a dynamic content map (through routes in a route table) that ensures a given URL – e.g. – gets processed by a controller with respect to a specific content instance. It’s all something that’s...

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Ektron - time to tackle competitive FUD

By: Brian Fanny

Like many of us, toward the end of 2016 I was very excited that the US election would soon be over. What a crazy year it was. Like many, I do enjoy a good debate over real data and when both sides are civil.

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