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  • Inspect In Index for EPiServer Find

    Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you’ve been wondering if your index content is correct, updated or there at all? I have. Often. So, to save me from having to go to the Find Explore view and search for the content, I created another content view to inspect the index for the currently selected content. So simple, but SO useful!... 1

  • Setting up WebDeploy

    After running in to the same problem over and over I though I would make this post to remind myself and to share with others. WebDeploy is easy as long as you can get the Web Platform Installer and then just follow the steps in this guide . But should you find yourself (like I do) on a server that doesn’t alow for the installer to go and get it’...

  • Updated CMS 7.5 XML resources tool

    Been a while since I blogged but a new addition to the family has taken most of my previous extra code time. But enough with the excuses. I have made some minor updates to my XML resources tool. Color coding properties that are not translated. If the translated property name is equal to the core property name or empty the table row gets a...

  • Fix for a Catalog UI issue in EPiServer Commerce 8.7.1

    In result of an upgrade to EPiServer Commerce 8.7.1, We were having an issue On Adding Media Item for a product/variant from Online Centre - Catalog UI. Details of exception can be found at the end of article. If you are not ready to upgrade to EPiServer Commerce 8.8.0 yet, just upgrade EPiServer.CMS.UI to 7.19.1. It is safe to upgrade this...

  • Get the “owner” of this content

    Sometimes you want to know if a certain content is used somewhere on the website, in my case I wanted to get the language from the page where a certain PDF was used to decide if it should be presented in the search result for that specific language. There is no complete way to accomplish this […]

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New release of EPiServer CMS with enhanced preview and improved SEO

Today we're releasing a new version of EPiServer CMS. I want to highlight this release since it contains a number of important updates, as well as some breaking technology changes.

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