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As we are growing, we are looking to fill several new technical positions. If you are interested in working for a successful global product company, with a flat organizational structure, visit our careers section. Openings include:

Senior Developer for our Digital Marketing Team, Stockholm
Senior HTML/CSS Developer for our Digital Marketing Team, Stockholm
Solution Architect, USA
Solution Architect, Holland
Solution Architect, Stockholm

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  • Adding menu item to page tree context menu

    Recently I have migrated/upgraded an EPiServer 6 R2 composer based website to EPiServer 7.xx. In EPiServer 6 R2 website, the EPiServer right click context menu (page tree right click menu) was highly customized. This functionality, however, is totally removed in EPiServer 7.xx. EPiServer 7, however, does provide you a similar context menu to...

  • A breaking change in EPiServer 8 that are not on the list

    EPiServer has defined all the breaking changes for EPiServer 8 on this page: http://world.episerver.com/documentation/Items/Upgrading/EPiServer-CMS/8/Breaking-changes/ There are one change that effected me and that was not on the list and it is for the function GetVirtualPath of UrlResolver. In EPiServer 7.5 GetVirtualPath returns a string...

  • EPiServer 7 & 8 overriding editor UI language values

    It could be something I simply missed, but I spent a fair amount of time searching the web for how to override the text an EPiServer editor sees for content types and properties. Perhaps this is so obvious that no one else needed documentation or examples on the web to figure it out? Ultimately though, I found the answer in the Alloy website cod...

  • Standardizing the Catalog Structure

    A coffee company selected Joe’s company for their Ecommerce websites in Episerver Digital Experience Cloud. Same company have developed their POS system in Java. On their website, along with few other packed products they will be selling breakfast where user can order coffee also with all type of condiments that they offer on their shops. They... 1

  • Automatic schema updates with backup for SQL Azure

    From version 8.7 of EPiServer it is now possible to allow EPiServer to make schema changes  to the database automatically  when there are any in the upcoming version of EPiServer. You can read more about it here: http://world.episerver.com/documentation/Items/Developers-Guide/EPiServer-CMS/8/Deployment/automatic-schema-updates/ This is great new... 2

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