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From the entire Episerver community of developers implementing solutions based on Episerver products.

  • SelectionFactory fun in Episerver - Part 1

    Drop Down lists are a common request and question in the Episerver world, for anyone fairly new to the platform. That's because Drop Down lists are a great way to provide users with a straight forward interface for providing a value to a property; the options for values are right in front of them. They also make it easier for a developer working...

  • Successful 2nd Meetup of Episerver Developers in Serbia

    During this meetup of Epidev in Serbia, we covered the following topic: "Hosting a large-scale Intranet in Azure"

  • Deleting single file from trash

    There are many situations when the solution works on Development and Test environments, but there are some problems with Production. Few times I had to create test page, check how system behaves and then delete the page. There is no Permanent Delete option for single content, so I had to empty whole trash or leave […] The post Deleting single fi...

  • Translating EPiServer Category Description for EPiServer Find indexing

    I had a requirement when I needed to translate EPiServer Category Description within product content's property. While it did work fine when viewing the product's page, EPiServer Find did not index it properly - it was using default language's value for each language. After some investigation, I found that Category's LocalizedDescription propert...

  • Helpful Episerver Find configuration parameters when bulk-changing Content

    Episerver Find is considered a near-realtime search engine. It’s achieved via a event-driven strategy that automatically propagates content-changes to the Search Index whenever Content changes in either Episerver CMS or Episerver Commerce. We’ve experienced that Episerver Find can have a hard time managing large – as in thousands – sets of bulk...

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Ektron and WURFL device detection library

Episerver (and the former Ektron) has recently ceased including WURFL - a device detection library - with the Ektron product line, which was previously included as a complimentary add-on.

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