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As we are growing, we are looking to fill several new technical positions. If you are interested in working for a successful global product company, with a flat organizational structure, visit our careers section. Openings include:

Senior Developer for our Digital Marketing Team, Stockholm
Senior HTML/CSS Developer for our Digital Marketing Team, Stockholm
Solution Architect, USA
Solution Architect, Holland
Solution Architect, Stockholm

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  • Major headache when working with EPiServer add-ons and continuous release

    EPiServer is currently releasing updates according to the “continuous release” approach. I think this is a nice approach as the customer can take advantage of the new features without having to go through large migration projects. However a problem occurs when you are using official add-ons with EPiServer and the add-ons don’t use the same […]

  • Supporting SVG images

    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a very handy image format when working with icons or logos that need to be used in different sizes. Adding support for SVG image files in EPiServer is very easy to do. Adding a vector image content type is done in the same way as adding an image content type. The main difference is obviously the filename...

  • Planned breaking changes 2015

    An update to let you know what breaking changes we are doing in CMS later this year. For many sites the changes will go unnoticed, just another major version number, the latest version of the Alloy templates for example requires no code changes - just recompile and you are done. Breaking Changes Remove hard dependency on Log4Net. This will make ... 3

  • Why We're Excited About EPiServer Ascend '15

    Learn why we're excited about the EPiServer Ascend '15 conference and why we think you should be too!

  • Creating a custom promotion with the new EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine (BETA) - Part 2

    In my previous post I desribed how to programmatically create a custom promotion in EPiServer Commerce 9 beta . The post was developer focussed and showed how we can create custom promotions/discounts in EPiServer 9 than previously possible. In this post I will contrate on the experience of our editors and merchandisers as we want them to see...

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