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Read blog postings from the people who are implementing and developing solutions based on EPiServer products.

  • Quality Assurance Checklists for EPiServer projects

    Here are the quality assurance checklists (for backend + commerce) we use, as promised on the meetup we had in our offices at March 3rd, 2015. I have removed items that are specific to our internal company infrastructure and software, replacing th...

  • EPiServer - How to log in to admin / edit mode

    I was recently demonstrating EPiServer 7.5 to a group of experienced Wordpress developers. They liked it a lot, and according to them, EPiServer is a way easier, cooler, and much more powerful than Wordpress. The only problem they had: how to log in to admin mode?

  • Letters From The Engine Room: TOTD Unit Testing CartHelper

    TOTD stands for think of the developer and I feel its something that the commerce team should have as an objective. As a company, we are new to Episerver Commerce but it seems that we have to do way too much work to unit test our commerce code. This article will describe how we went about unit testing update quantity cart code. So lets look at t...

  • RssReaderBlock in MVC

    The customer found this RssReaderBlock, and wanted me to include this in the project. Upon closer inspection of the content, I found that it would be better to rewrite this into MVC format. In case anyone else needs this, here is the MVC files:

  • Easy pagination for any number of lists within a PageType

    This code sample isn’t big or fancy but I found it a bit nifty when having to paginate multiple lists within a single page, hance I wanted to share this. The solution below is based on using AJAX to get the paginated list but one could also use synchronous calls, the downside of not using AJAX is… Continue reading →

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New release of EPiServer CMS with enhanced preview and improved SEO

Today we're releasing a new version of EPiServer CMS. I want to highlight this release since it contains a number of important updates, as well as some breaking technology changes.

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