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  • New version of EPiCode.InspectInIndex

    I’ve uploaded a new version of EPiCode.InspectInIndex to the EPiServer Nuget feed. If you have not heard of InspectInIndex before, you should check out my previous blog post . The new version contains a few bug fixes, including a recurring JavaScript error. In addition, the module has been upgraded to EPiServer 9.     The inspect view, now also... 2

  • Controlling content type and property availability in multi site solutions

    I'm currently in a multi site EPiServer project where a lot of things needs to be configured per site. Some content types, properties etc should only be available for certain sites. Luckily EPiServer is quite extensible which makes it pretty easy to accomplish this.

  • The real cost of owning a development team

    This post was first published on LinkedIn Pulse on 18th September 2015 –The real cost of owning a development team   Development teams are expensive. There, I said it. If you want a high-performing development team then be prepared to invest. I’m not just talking about salaries. You’ll also need to equip your team with […]

  • Important note for installing EPiServer.Commerce.Azure 9 nuget package.

    In the next major version of Commerce, we added a new assembly to EPiServer.Commerce.Azure. We got feedback from QA team during testing that the new assembly was not copied to bin folder, causing some issues. We have investigated the issue and at first everything looked normal. The project had the reference to the assembly, the path was correct...

  • Limiting Page Type Instances

    We had a requirement to limit the number of instances of a particular page type within parts of the page tree. I developed a simple attribute and validator which implements this. You add the attribute to your page type class and specifiy the scope of the check. The scope options I added were : Site - only x instances of the page type can exist o... 2

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