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March 23: Episerver Coders Epi(sode) 5 - There is a lot of great code being shared on Episerver World. During this session, Marija Jemuovic, Episerver Developer/architect, EMVP at Mogul will show you how to take a snippet of code and turn it into an add-on for the Episerver NuGet feed. Save the date and register now!

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  • What is CDN and how it fits to Episerver solution (Part 2) – Setup cloudflare

    Welcome to the second post of CDN series. In these series, I’m trying to describe how CDN works and with one example show how it can integrate with Episerver and finally we tackle some caching challenges CDN and Episerver has. In this post, we are going to integrate one sample CDN with one of our existing websites. One of […]

  • The Catalog UI trade-off: performance or better UI

    I supposed this is a well known feature, but I was asked more than once about it, so it’s better to write something here to clarify the confusions. If you have some very, very big catalogs, you probably have seen this “notification” in Catalog UI By default, the Catalog UI groups a product and its … Continue reading The Catalog UI trade-off:...

  • DbLocalizationProvider step closer to front-end

    Along with other smaller bug fixes, database-driven localization provider for EPiServer got closer to front-end. We joined forces together with my old pal and friend Arve Systad and made it possible to add translations to client side resources as well. Setup So setup for the client-side resource localization with help

  • Quick tip: Checking the version of your Episerver Database

    Just a quick post on this one. A friend was recently having problems trying to make updates to his local Episerver site via Nuget. Even after running updates to the DB via the package manager console (update-epidatabase), he was getting errors and he was concerned that there was a DB version mismatch between what he had and what the code was...

  • Get CMS content using content reference ID

    To get CMS content from Episerver using content reference ID anywhere in the MVC application using below code. var contentReference = new ContentReference(163); var pageRouteHelper = EPiServer.ServiceLocation.ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance ().Get (contentReference); var model = new CMSPageModel (pageRouteHelper); model.ViewModel = new... 1

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Ektron - time to tackle competitive FUD

By: Brian Fanny

Like many of us, toward the end of 2016 I was very excited that the US election would soon be over. What a crazy year it was. Like many, I do enjoy a good debate over real data and when both sides are civil.

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