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  • ContentType preview images w. icons

    I don't know about you, but at least for me, I rarely create image thumbnails for the different content types in the solutions I am working on. If you are like me, then this package will hopefully give your editors a somewhat more pleasant user experience when creating content.

  • The old Gadget framework is deprecated

    There are two ways of creating components. You can either use ComponentAttribute or GadgetAttribute. The ComponentAttribute is the recommended solution. From EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.6.0 the GadgetAttribute is marked as obsolete and will be removed in an upcoming major version release . Also all jQuery-based libraries are now marked as deprecated and...

  • How to save (not publish) catalog content properly

    The reason why this happened was simple. When saving any versionable content without publishing, Episerver creates a new version. If it is a new item, then it creates a new one and everything is fine. But when updating and existing item which is retrieved by IContentRepository's Get method, it creates new version with status CheckedOut . Same...

  • How to get the current page's category from a block and use Find to search for all pages that match the category.

    In my application I created a block that showed all related pages based on the parent pages category.  To achieve this I created a new category field called Location , the idea behind this field is to only select one location per page hence the call below to get the First () location. You could use . In () if you required to match against...

  • Setting up Episerver Find on a development machine using Autofac

    Setting up Episerver Find is straight forward but I did run into a few steps that could stump new players. The first two following steps are well documented so I will not go into them. Step 1: Create an Episerver Find account online. Step 2: Add the web config details to your project. Step 3:  Next we add the Autofac dependency Injection code in...

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Ektron Fall Updates

By: Brian Fanny

Ektron Fall Updates - Ektron 9.20 Release

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