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  • Creating Custom EPiServer TinyMCE Plugin

    I have received a request from client, to be able to add accordion in the tinymce editor with clicking only on a button in the toolbar of the editor. I said ok as always :), but subsequent questions were coming on my mind, you need to add items in the accordion and again ok :), jquery table with add rows and delete rows will do the job. That... 3

  • CheckboxList using Enum

    I recently implemented a checkboxlist using Enum References: My Code public class EnumMultipleSelectionFactory : ISelectionFactory { public IEnumerable GetSelections( ExtendedMetadata...

  • We welcome 4 new EMVP: Karoline, Arve, Henrik and Khurram

    I am very happy to announce that after careful consideration the EMVP Board has decided to welcome the following 4 into the family of EPiServer Most Valued Professionals:   Karoline Klever, Epinova, Norway     Arve Systad, Epinova, Norway     Henrik Fransas, Active Solution, Sweden   Khurram Khan, Welcom Software, UK   They have all received... 24

  • Working with your own forms in EPiServer and MVC

    Custom forms is a common thing to have in a site's templates. In the older Web Forms days this was typically done by adding regular ASP.NET Web Controls and checking IsPostBack() inside OnLoad() in the same page template. If posting was done from a plain HTML form the standard in my experience was to post to the same page and use Request.Form or...

  • OutOfMemoryException running EPiServer out of web context

    TL;DR: If you run EPiServer out of web context, like in a test setup, and get OutOfMemoryExceptions it might be the cache not being trimmed in time. You can work around that by setting the /configuration/system.web/caching/cache[@percentagePhysicalMemoryUsedLimit] to a lower value (you can try 95, or 50 if you don't care about cache). The proble... 2

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Re-introducing PowerSlice for EPiServer CMS

Some time ago Joel Abrahamsson created PowerSlice for EPiServer. A lot has happened with the EPiServer platform since then, and now we are re-introducing PowerSlice to match the latest and greatest version EPiServer.

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