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From the entire Episerver community of developers implementing solutions based on Episerver products.

  • Enabling Commerce content selection

    As EPiServer Commerce nodes, products and variations are just EPiServer content, it is possible to create properties with content references to these. But by default EPiServer do not allow commerce content selection in edit mode. I needed to create ContentReference property on the page to the EPiServer Commerce category but couldn't find a way h...

  • Mandatory form fields in all forms on site

    Recently I got a few questions on how to enforce that all forms (based on Episerver Forms) on a site includes certain elements. This can be useful, if you for instance always want to make sure the right fields get pushed onwards to your Marketing Automation system. So, I wrote a few lines of code and figure I'd share them here for everybody to...

  • Beginner’s Guide: How To Access The EpiServer Login Page

    ‘How do I login to EpiServer?’ is one of the most searched for EpiServer questions on Google. EpiServer beginners often struggle to find their EpiServer login page URL. In today’s guide, I’m going to show you how to find your EpiServer login URL and how to login. Why do you need the EpiServer login URL? […]

  • Using vh units in EPiServer causes the editor to go insane!

    The first phase of the migration project was to build the home page in the new system. It’s reasonably complex and a good test bed for things like our global navigation system, footer, weird methods of handling CSS and our hacks of our bootstrap implementation. I’d managed to get our header / global navigation built … Continue reading "Using vh...

  • ReSharper and the UIHint Template

    After you get your editor set up and start really digging in to editing your website you may start to notice some ReSharper red. Specifically, when working with a new pagetype if you create a property and attempt to tell the UI what kind of control to render it with in the editor using the … Continue reading "ReSharper and the UIHint Template"

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Ektron June Updates

As part of our spring seasonal launch, Episerver recently introduced a new service pack for Ektron 9.10.

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