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  • We welcome 4 new EMVP: Karoline, Arve, Henrik and Khurram

    I am very happy to announce that after careful consideration the EMVP Board has decided to welcome the following 4 into the family of EPiServer Most Valued Professionals:   Karoline Klever, Epinova, Norway     Arve Systad, Epinova, Norway     Henrik Fransas, Active Solution, Sweden   Khurram Khan, Welcom Software, UK   They have all received... 11

  • Working with your own forms in EPiServer and MVC

    Custom forms is a common thing to have in a site's templates. In the older Web Forms days this was typically done by adding regular ASP.NET Web Controls and checking IsPostBack() inside OnLoad() in the same page template. If posting was done from a plain HTML form the standard in my experience was to post to the same page and use Request.Form or...

  • OutOfMemoryException running EPiServer out of web context

    TL;DR: If you run EPiServer out of web context, like in a test setup, and get OutOfMemoryExceptions it might be the cache not being trimmed in time. You can work around that by setting the /configuration/system.web/caching/cache[@percentagePhysicalMemoryUsedLimit] to a lower value (you can try 95, or 50 if you don't care about cache). The proble... 2

  • How to do unit testing on EPiServer Find

    Changes in the web project I was interested in if it was possible to do unit testing for a EPiServer Find implementation so I created a new Alloy site and added EPiServer Find to it. After that I wrote an implementation that did exactly the things EPiServer Search does in Alloy, and that is to search on all, pages and media objects. To do that I... 2

  • Commerce Expression Editor Released on Github

    We have released the source code for the expression editor  here  on github.  The editor is used to create expressions for custom promotions in EPiServer Commerce.  You can read the documenation  here  to understand how to use. 1

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Re-introducing PowerSlice for EPiServer CMS

Some time ago Joel Abrahamsson created PowerSlice for EPiServer. A lot has happened with the EPiServer platform since then, and now we are re-introducing PowerSlice to match the latest and greatest version EPiServer.

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