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  • New relation APIs in Episerver Commerce 11

    The first change you will notice when working with new relations is that now it uses Parent/Child properties instead of Source/Target ones. It makes the code easier to understand. Here is how it looks like for different relations: ProductVariation - the parent property has a reference to a product and the child property has a reference to a...

  • Planned Breaking Changes 2017 (CMS UI)

    Notable Changes TinyMCE Package The TinyMCE editor and related plugin configuration features will be moved into a separate NuGet package as an add-on with its own versioning number and breaking changes. This is to allow us to have a release cycle for TinyMCE which is decoupled from the CMS UI release cycle.   ASP.NET Identity It was previously n...

  • Plugin for viewing scheduled job run history

    A couple of times during the years I have had the need to view the scheduled job history log. In all these cases it has been jobs that are running frequently and therefor I need to use the paging since the default view doesn't display that many rows. So I did a small plugin that let you choose between all scheduled jobs and display all the histo... 1

  • Payment providers source code are now available on GitHub

    The source code for payment providers, including PayPal, DIBS, DataCash have been released to GitHub. These projects were upgraded to work with latest version of Commerce (11.2.2) and other components, that contains a few fixes and refactoring. They're now open-source and you might be great contributors :). We'll continue to update them. It mean... 3

  • Self deployment in DXC Service

    Since the beginning of DXC Service partners and customers have always asked why they could not deploy their code by them selves. Because of our SLA on the web-application and the responsibility of customers Episerver installations, the answer was always NO, it’s not possible. Over the years we have learned and massively improved the DXC Service ...

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Ektron Spring 2017 Updates

By: Brian Fanny

While many clients are making or considering the move to the Digital Experience Cloud, Episerver consistently delivers updates for the Ektron platform.

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