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Per Ivansson

EPiServer Continuous Release Process

The market moves at Internet speed and we know how important it is for our customers to be able to get results quickly from their online business. Agility is a cornerstone in our business value, and as a result, we have now entered a new era for our delivery processes and shifted to something that we call continuous release process.
By: Per Ivansson

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  • Mark Hall

    Syncing Active Directory Groups for use In EPiServer Commerce

    I received a request the other day for the ability to use Active Directory Groups in Commerce Manager for permissions.  While Commerce Manager uses...

    By: Mark Hall

    Posted: Sep 01 2014
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  • fredriktjarnberg

    Releasing Beta Features

    In order to get features out as early as possible and to get early feedback EPiServer will from time to time include features that are in “beta...

    By: fredriktjarnberg

    Posted: Sep 01 2014
    Views: 258
  • Magnus

    Projects (Beta)

    Projects is our first Beta feature in the Edit UI, and the reason for it being beta is that we want to gather feedback from you on what we can...

    By: Magnus

    Tags: Projects
    Posted: Sep 01 2014
    Views: 136
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