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  • Using Interfaces to get more compatible content elements in Episerver

    Interfaces are more or less basic stuff in programming and in Episerver development. You probably have seen these guys (IThisAndThat, IEtc..) all over the reference solutions (AlloyDemoKit, Quicksilver, …). In this blogpost, I’ll be taking a concrete approach how to make one of the AlloyDemoKit’s content blocks more compatible with other content...

  • How To Import Content Into Episerver Automatically Using the In-built Importer And Some Code

    Out of the box, Episerver provides content editors a WSYWIG admin screen that allows them to select a bunch of content within the website and export it to a file.  It also has the mirror service to import that content.  If you want to learn more abou[...]

  • How To Get The Episerver App_data Folder Paths Location In Code

    If you need to write an initialization modules, or, your writing some code to automate your continuous integration process it's very likely you may need to get the file path where your App_data folder lives on your server.  Luckily, this is pretty ea[...]

  • Using Personalized Find

    Episerver recently released Personalized Find (PF), a new product that delivers improved relevancy to visitors thereby helping to increase conversions on your website. Specifically, when used with Episerver Commerce, PF uses each individual's browsing and purchase activity to boost search results. Without personalization, everyone gets the same...

  • Beginners Guide: Output caching in EPiServer

    Introduction   Output caching is not a new concept. There is a variety of project that people try to implement output caching, but how to do it in EpiServer? What is Output caching? The main purpose of using Output Caching is to dramatically improve the performance of an ASP.NET MVC Application. It enables us to cache the content returned by any...

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Episerver releases

By: Asa Sundin

―Or why you don’t have to ask “When is the next Episerver version coming?” Many software companies release new versions of their software once a year, and maybe some smaller bug fix releases in between. Episerver takes another approach and releases almost every week.

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