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  • MenuProvider for easy display of key settings in a site

    The problem (perceived at least) How many times have you got a question about something or just had the need to do a quick check of some setting or status of something in a site? I guess that it happens more often that you would like.  My experien...

  • Easy way of changing the Episerver login backgrounds/logo

    Shows how you as an developer easily can change the background and logo on the Episerver login page.

  • Episerver Commerce performance optimization – part 2

    Or lock or no lock – that’s the question. This is the second part of the series on how can you improve the performance of Episerver Commerce site – or more precisely, to avoid the deadlocks and 100% CPU usage. This is not Commerce specific actuall...

  • Create data feeds for EPiServer Forms

    When working with EPiServer.Forms , you may wonder how to bind custom dynamic data source to Selection element instead of manually input items one by one. You could first do some search and found a great blog here

  • Localization Provider - Import and Export (Merge)

    It's been awhile since last update for DbLocalizationProvider for EPiServer. Anyway things been in my backlog. Period around New Year is not the most productive for me :) This blog post will describe some of the interesting stuff I've been lately...

  • Don't Miss the WSOL Team's Presentations at Ascend 2017!

    We look at what you can expect to learn at the presentations that WSOL's team members will be giving at Episerver's Ascend 2017 conference.

  • Another QuickNavigation Extension and Examples for #EPiServer #AddOn

    Nice Episerver addon that adds menu items to the QuickNavigationMenu when logged in on public site, link to admin, link to ContentType, and logout.

  • Introducing SendGridForEpi

    Open sourced packages that helps you sending mail from Episerver using SendGrid's API and transactional templates. I'm fairly certain most readers are familiar with SendGrid but maybe most of you just use their regular SMTP interface to send e-mai...

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