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  • A curious case of SQL execution plan

    I said this, and I will repeat it here: SQL Server optimizer is smart, and in most of the cases, it’s smarter than you and me (I have no doubt that you are smart, even very, very smart 🙂 ). So most of the case, you leave it to do whatever it thin...

  • Redis can be an EPiServer event broker too

    When EPiServer runs in a load-balanced environment, the servers rely on exchanging messages about system events with each other. At the moment, EPiServer supplies four event providers. This post is about implementing a new event provider, using...

  • Reviewing Episerver trainings: CMS Fundamentals and Commerce Online Bootcamp

    I have had the privilege to participate in couple of Episerver’s trainings. Both for the CMS and for the Commerce. CMS training was a 3-day CMS fundamentals course and the Commerce was a 5-day online boot camp session. For those who are thinking...

  • Mixed Mode Authentication

    Recently I have been asked to show a working mode authtenication as a couple partners coulld not get it working.  In this post I will go through the steps of setting up mixed mode with identity and WS-Federation with Azure AD. Azure...

  • Don't Make these Mistakes when Migrating from Ektron to Episerver

    While migrating from Ektron to Episerver can seem overwhelming, there are a few areas that you can focus on to ensure the project's success.

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