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  • Promotions & GiftCards

    Note: this is a post regarding the new Promotion System, introduced in Commerce 9.24. I highly recommend using it, if you are not already. Selling gift cards in an ecommerce shop is a very common thing shop owners want to do, albeit it’s more the...

  • Maintaining your indexes

    Indexes are crucial to SQL Server performance. Having the right indexes might make the difference of day and night with your application performance – as I once talked here. However, even having the right indexes is not everything. You have to kee...

  • Planned breaking changes 2017 (CMS Core)

    An update to let you know what breaking changes are planned for CMS Core, as we have done the last few years we plan for one breaking change release of CMS per year. With that said, please note that this is preliminary and subject to change. More... 3

  • Episerver Shared Content with *Partial* Override Control

    I was asked to create a quick proof of concept for sharing content between sites in Episerver. While there are many ways to do this, I wanted to create one that allowed for only part of the content to be overridden while the rest was enforced from...

  • A custom coupon code provider

    Imagine you have a huge mailing campaign with personalized coupon codes for each customer. You would have a hard time validating those coupon codes, as a promotion can hold only one coupon code. There is a way to do that though, with a custom coup...

  • A super simple geo-coordinates property for Episerver

    This blog post shows how to extend Episerver with a property where editors can enter an address that will be converted to longitude/latitude. It’s the longitude/latitude value that is saved. Suggestions for addresses/locations will be shown while...

  • How To Pass Parameters Into An Episever SelectionFactory?

    On most projects there will be a requirement for users to select on, or, more options out of a dropdown list or a checkout.  In EPiserver this is done via a selection factory, more information can be found

  • Improved Memory Efficiency in Commerce 11.1

    TL;DR: Episerver Commerce 11.1 contains improved caching strategies for Catalog Content allowing site implementations to make better use of the available memory. Caching in the Catalog APIs Episerver Commerce uses a Content Provider to make catalo...

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