Episerver Add-ons

Add-ons extend the Episerver platform by adding functionality within a wide selection of areas such as search, marketing automation, and content optimization. See also the Episerver Add-on Store.

Add-ons are developed by Episerver and partners, and some are are verified within the Episerver Add-on program, whereas others are open source, available from the Episerver developer community. The listing here displays verified add-ons.

You can install add-ons through 1) "one-click" installations from inside the Episerver user interface, 2) as NuGet packages, or 3) through other types of installations. See the specific information for each add-on.

Note: For Azure environments, install add-on modules only through Visual Studio (and not through one-click from the Episerver Add-ons interface).

EPiServer Add-on Store - episerver.com

Digital Experience Hub (DXH), part of the Digital Experience Cloud service, provides a set of pre-built connectors to leading marketing automation and analytics platforms.




Test and optimize



Translation and localization

Search and merchandizing

* Note: Content Collaboration is being replaced with built-in functionality provided by the Projects and Content Approvals features. As a consequence, Content Collaboration will be obsoleted soon.