File Listing Sample Template

What happened with File Listing Sample Template from CMS 5? Anything in CMS 6 R2 templates that is suppesed to replace that sample template? 

  • Hi Henate,

    I would recommend the built in property Link Collection for that purpose. It can hold any types of links, even files (in the VPP).

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    IMHO you should never use anything straight off the sample templates...

    There is a FileDataSource but it usually disappoints me.

    I prefer to collect the files and directories and files my self. Something like this:

    private void GetDirectories(UnifiedDirectory directory)
    foreach (UnifiedDirectory subDirectory in directory.Directories)

    if (subDirectory.QueryDistinctAccess(AccessLevel.Read)) { ...

  • Hi Henate

    The File Listing sample code is still in the Alloy Tech Sample site. Take a look under /templates/AlloyTech/Units/Placeable/FileList.ascx. When it comes to Johan's comment above about using code from the sample templates I disagree, I use alot of the code from the sample site, but I make sure to understand everything I pull from it before adding it to my projects (as we should with anything we add, always understand everything our code does).

    Hope this helps.


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