March 4 2009, 18:02

EPiServer CMS 5 R2 Enterprise Configuration Problem

I have installed a developers enterprise license on and followed all the steps here:

Configuring EPiServer CMS 5 R2 SP1 Enterprise:

I have set up the second site in the IIS and pointed it to the same site as the original. The problem is that the new site seem to read the default template, even though the start page id is set correctly to the new top node I created in backoffice.

An example of the <sites> section with 2 sites set up, with <siteHosts> and <siteSettings> would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a simplified version of the sections I added:

  <site siteId="Site1" description="Site 1">
    <add name="" />
    <add name="*" />
   <siteSettings ... pageStartId="1" ... siteUrl="" uiUrl="" utilUrl="" siteDisplayName="Client Name 1" ... />
  <site siteId="Site2" description="Site 2">
    <add name="" />
   <siteSettings ... pageStartId="2" ... siteUrl="" uiUrl="" utilUrl="" siteDisplayName="Client Name 2" ... />


  • March 5 2009, 8:26

    Hi Stefan,

    Looking at the xml you posted. It looks like you have the same siteUrl for both sites. I.e. this means that if you try and surf to only Site1 will show. As you have defined that in the siteHosts.

    Here is an example of how I have it set up one my dev machine






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