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  • Alternative RebuildURLSegment plugin

    A while back I implemented some functionality where I did a lot of copy pasting of pages to create the page structure and only changing the page names. Unfortunate for me it wasn’t a hidden structure so pretty URLs was important and EPiServer... 0

  • CMS7 programmatically create dynamic property

    Haven’t used dynamic properties in a long while, but yesterday when building an external module I thought that a dynamic content reference property would be perfect for my needs. But I wanted to create it programmatically so the deployment would... 3

  • Limit block and page types to be created only once.

    In the last couple of solutions I have been involved in we have had the need to create additional tools for specific business needs. We have often chosen too create the tools as page types to make the tools blend in with the rest of the site and b... 4

  • EPiServer Search indexing bug

    Last week I got a question from a customer why they didn’t get the expected search results. A couple of issues was caused by the search index being corrupt, but they still had a a few pages that wouldn’t show up. After looking at the actual HTML i... 0

  • EPiServer Search indexing scheduled job

    From time to time we get reports from customer where they don’t get the search hits they expect. After making sure there is no human mistake accidently filtering out the page from the search hits  the conclusion is that the index has been corrupt ... 1

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