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  • Working with the EPiServer 7.5 Commerce API

    With the introduction of EPiServer 7.5, EPiServer Commerce provides a content provider that can serve any catalog content as IContent. This means that it is possible to work with catalog content using the same techniques as working with CMS conten... 3

  • Control how media types are resolved in EPiServer

    Lets say you have several content media types that all have identical MediaDescriptor extension strings. How can you control which type EPiServer will use when uploading files in the asset pane? Read the blog post on our company blog: http://geta.... 0

  • Known issues after EPiServer Commerce 7.5 upgrade

    After upgrading an EPiServer Commerce solution from version 6 R3 to 7.5, we came across some issues that quickly becomes time consuming if you are not aware of them. Read about the issues and learn how to get around them by visiting the blog post ... 0

  • Working with EPiServer 7.5 CMS

    If you are new to EPiServer 7.5, there are quite a few changes that you should be aware of. Here is a quick walkthrough of the most important ones. Read the complete post on our company blog: Working with EPiServer CMS 7.5 0

  • Did you know of the UnifiedFileSummarySaved?

    Recently I had a customer that wanted to list file attachments on their site. The idea was to use Find and use custom file summary properties as base for the list filter values. One of the key points was that if “Brand” was not set, the file shoul... 2

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