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  • Override TinyMCE settings for Paste in EPiServer CMS 8

    During the last days I have revived complaints from our editors regarding that to much junk gets pasted into the XHtml text-editors. I decided to try to clear all the class and styles and other junk during paste (CTRL+ V) in to XHtml editor....

  • How to reset views for all users

    The editors in my current project use gadgets a lot; both built-in and the custom ones developed by us. Those gadgets can be placed anywhere on the screen. After we updated our EPiServer version to 7.19 and additionally updated .NET framework to 4...

  • Font Awesome auto complete editor for EPiServer

    A couple of days ago I read a blog post about a Font Awesome selection editor for EPiServer. It inspired me because I'm currently in a project where we need basically the same thing with two exceptions: I want the editors to be able to search for...

  • EPiServer JavaScript meetup May 21, 2015

    On Thursday May 21st it is finally time for an EPiServer JavaScript meetup, with special guest speaker Dylan Schiemann from SitePen. The event will take place at SUP46 at  Regeringsgatan 29 between 5:30pm and 9pm. Big thanks to sthlm.js that will...

  • EPiServer Find hotel demo site

    Last month Allan Thraen released a EPiServer Find code challenge. He bought a database containing 340.000 hotels and indexed it in Find. The assignment was to create a website that contains some functionality for searching hotels. The website also...

  • Two important things that you should know when adding Glimpse to EPiServer project

    This blog will show what do we need to add to the project so Glipmse could work with EPiServer.

  • Using font awesome for social links and menus

    This blogpost is meant to shed some light on the use-cases when EPiServer editors need to set Font Awesome icons.

  • Font awesome dropdown for EPiServer edit mode

    By default, EPiServer encodes the text before setting the labels for SelectionEditor items. What I needed was to display some HTML in this text as well in order to show the font-awesome icon set editor can choose from.

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