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  • Supporting SVG images

    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a very handy image format when working with icons or logos that need to be used in different sizes. Adding support for SVG image files in EPiServer is very easy to do. Adding a vector image content type is done in...

  • Planned breaking changes 2015

    An update to let you know what breaking changes we are doing in CMS later this year. For many sites the changes will go unnoticed, just another major version number, the latest version of the Alloy templates for example requires no code changes -... 4

  • Why We're Excited About EPiServer Ascend '15

    Learn why we're excited about the EPiServer Ascend '15 conference and why we think you should be too!

  • Creating a custom promotion with the new EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine (BETA) - Part 2

    In my previous post I desribed how to programmatically create a custom promotion in EPiServer Commerce 9 beta . The post was developer focussed and showed how we can create custom promotions/discounts in EPiServer 9 than previously possible. In th...

  • Creating a custom promotion with the new EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine (BETA) - Part 1

    The latest version of EPiServer Commerce (v8.13.4 at the time of writing) has an all new promotion engine that is currently in beta. The best part about the new engine is that the EPiServer Commerce 9 promotion engine is designed to be more...

  • Filtered display options menu based on content type in EPiServer

    A thing that has bothered me for a long time with EPiServer is that you, out of the box, can't have different display options for different blocks. Based on the design for your site you might want to force one block to full width and another to ha...

  • Visitor Criteria based on EPiServer Find Statistics

    EPiServer Find Statistics are quite useful. Those helps editors to understand the behaviour of web users of their site. Those statistics can be used in other areas of EPiServer also. e.g. I have developed a visitor criteria that offers editors to...

  • 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Make Your CMS Into Something It Isn’t

    A Content Management System is a powerful tool, but it shouldn't be forced to do something it wasn't designed for. Read on to learn when you should use other systems instead.

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