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  • Removing the blocks view from EPiServer

    I was on-site with a client the other day discussing an upgrade project. The site is a CMS 6 R2 site and the question came up: "Can I remove blocks view for editors as even after the upgrade we may not want to use blocks?". I am not going to go in...

  • Configuring coupon promotions to give you two types of rewards

    In the world of a big business you can find a lot of very complicated business rules but sometimes things that seems to be an easy task when it comes to reality are not. A good example of that was one of our client requirement. Basically he wanted...

  • Can I Do That? Extending Your CMS Website’s Functionality

    Learn why implementing custom functionality into a CMS-driven website isn't as hard as it might seem.

  • EPiServer Commerce essentials 5: Search, performance and analytics

    When creating an e-commerce site, it's important to give your customer relevant content. Good search capabilities and responsiveness are key features in delivering a good experience.

  • A new logging API in EPiServer Framework

    For as long as I can remember, the logging framework of choice for EPiServer has been log4net, but this is about to change now! Well, I say that, in reality we are only changing the way we are using the logging framework so that it is possible to...

  • Deployment of EPiServer add-on modules as ZIP packages

    ...we have added a virtual path provider with support for ZIP files to the EPiServer.Framework package called ZipArchiveVirtualPathProvider.

  • EPiServer Strongly typed xforms

    Tags van Technorati: EPiServer,XForms Since the release of EPiServer 7 pages and blocks can be created from code. Before version 7 most developers used the PageTypeBuilder to do this. There are a couple of advantages for using this functionality...

  • Automating ImageVault migration

    Migration from ImageVault 3 to ImageVault 4 can be done in a number of ways. One approach is to do it entirely by hand, going through each media file in ImageVault 3 and upload it to the ImageVault 4 instance. This approach may be overseen by many...

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