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  • Font awesome dropdown for EPiServer edit mode

    By default, EPiServer encodes the text before setting the labels for SelectionEditor items. What I needed was to display some HTML in this text as well in order to show the font-awesome icon set editor can choose from.

  • Problem with HierarchicalUrlRewriteProvider

    We implemented a feature that, based on the request details, detects the user’s device and then redirects him to the mobile version. After migrating EPiServer version from 7.10 to 7.19 this feature stopped working – we suddenly figured out that th...

  • Installing the nuget for EPiServer GoogleAnalytics and virtual Roles

    This is a short post and a reminder since I had trouble with installing the Google Analytics addon from EPiServer the other day. They are looking for GoogleAnalyticsAdministrators that is supposed to be mapped to a specific group. But if you have...

  • Azure infrastructure usage for EPiServer data import

    I was working in EPiServer Commerce project on product import and thought that it would be great to use Azure infrastructure to make import process more reliable and consume less resources of Web server. In this article I am describing sample...

  • Add NLog to your EPiServer site, the easy way

    Though the API is still in pre release, I looked into adding NLog logging to EPiServer in an easy way, as a LoggerFactory. Turns out it’s not very difficult and the API seems to work perfectly ok. Basically you have a logging factory, that needs t...

  • Customer Roadshow - Boston Kickoff

    Greetings! I had the pleasure of attending the first "tour date" of the EPiServer Customer Roadshow in Boston this past Tuesday. As Ektron customer of about 7 years, I am sure some of you fellow old-timers have experienced the same apprehension... 1

  • EPiServer 7.5 – List icons for blocks

    OK, maybe this is obvious for everyone else, but it wasn’t to me. So this is part sharing and part to remember my self. And for the record, this may not be the most correct way, but it’s the way i figured out. What i wanted to do What i wanted to...

  • 3 Reasons We’re Excited About the Chicago EPiServer Roadshow Next Week

    We'll be at the EPiServer Roadshow event in Chicago on April 21, 2015, and here are some reasons why we're looking forward to it.

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