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  • How to configure EPiServer search with HTTPS

    The increasing number of websites are switching from HTTP to HTTPS. This is what you need to do to make EPiServer Search and HTTPS work together on your development machine.

  • Playing with Fire - Part 2, updates for DbLocalizationProvider for EPiServer

    Story continues with fire and localization cases inside EPiServer sites. Smaller update for database localization provider, but still - worth sharing.

  • Chicago Winter 2016 Episerver Developer Meetup

    Join us on Wednesday, December 14th for the Winter 2016 Episerver Developer Meetup of the Chicago Episerver and Ektron Developers group, hosted by Nansen. Speakers include Matthew Mols  from Nansen , Benjamin Schaefer  from Episerver , and  Chris...

  • Security checklist for Episerver or .NET website

    So you have built a great website for your customer, but is it secure? Code review your solution for these top issues. Secure edit and admin mode For the strongest security, use a separate editor server. If the public server doesn't even have... 15

  • Dependency injection in EPiServer

    The concept of a dependency injection is simple - pass a dependent object in your object to use it. But that is not the only concept involved and some of the used concepts are better than others. In the EPiServer world, several patterns are used a...

  • How You Can Test Your Episerver Websites Security

    Security is a big concern for any online presence, especially if you do any type of e-commerce. For any bib major enterprise level clients, I suggest you hire a third-party pen testing company to independently test your website for vulnerabilities...

  • How To Search For Content Using EpiFind

    EpiFind is a power search provider developed and can address by Episerver, if you’ve stumbled across this post and your considering using EpiFInd I suggest you read this article, Review Of The Different Search Providers Available To Use On Your...

  • Glimpse + Episerver = true

    Glimpse is a great tool for checking what is going in under the hood in your application. Unlike the Chrome F12 tools, Glimpse can actually tell you what is going on on the server side, like What is the stored in session? How long was the executio... 2

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