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  • Introducing Episerver Forms

    Last week we made the first public beta release of the new Forms available as an add-on on the Episerver Nuget Feed and this Monday we put out the first update to it. Episerver Forms is a long awaited feature that for more years than I care to... 5

  • Extend Dojo's onChange event by using intermediateChanges

    One of JavaScripts built-in events are 'change'. It is triggered different depending on which input type you are using. For text input it is fired when the element looses focus after its value has changed.  Not suprisingly, onChange in Dojo works...

  • Sort order of module dependencies

    EPierver has build-in initialization mechanism implemented with Initialization Modules. It’s used to initialize internal code as well as custom functionalities. All classes marked with InitializableModule attribute that implements IInitializableMo...

  • Code best practices and performance optimization – the summary

    This is a summary of my session “Code best practices and performance optimization” that I held during Episerver (still trying to learn the new casing format) Ascend 2015 in Las Vegas and the Episerver Tech forum in Stockholm. The session mentions ...

  • Personalization in Episerver Part 1: The current state

    As personalization tech gets more advanced, genuine empathy for consumers is still one of the major factors for success.

  • Let the editor choose a rendering template for content in EPiServer

    On some pages you might want to have different templates to control and render them. This blog post shows how to let the editor choose from all the supported templates.

  • Built in auto suggestion editor never calls GetItemByValue

    I implemented ISelectionQuery as described here:  Built in auto suggestion editor GetItems was called fine with the search string I entered, or a * if I'd expand the whole thing with out typing. But, I never got any calls to GetItemByValue though,...

  • Ascend’15 – Find advanced developer scenarios

    Ascend ‘15 was a great event! It is really great that EPiServer organizes a big event for partners, developers, marketers and for everyone who’s interested. I was asked by EPiServer to give a lab session about EPiServer Find together with Mari...

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