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  • Cache busting CSS and JS files by hash value

    Maybe you are using the Web Essentials Visual Studio extension or you get your minified CSS and JS files from a Grunt task or similar? Here's a concept of how to serve them on version unique URLs without using querystrings or changing filenames....

  • MVC: Removing Logic from the Partial Views

    I far too often see people putting a lot of logic into those of their MVC partial views that are repeated on every page (e.g. the header and the footer). Often, these views are littered with code that is checking whether the user is logged on,...

  • Two Ways to Manage EPiServer’s Continuous Release Cycle

    We look at how website owners can take advantage of EPiServer's continuous release cycle to keep their website software up to date.

  • Staying ahead of the game: 5 areas for EPiServer to focus on

    While EPiServer have long been at the forefront of the enterprise CMS game, the key to staying ahead is to constantly evolve while staying true to your roots.

  • Customized Search Block in EPiServer Find

    In the latest version of EPiServer Find, we have added a new feature for editors. It’s Customized Search Block . This feature provides editors with a block that shows a dynamic list of links to the content matching a search criteria. Search for th... 4

  • MenuPin v2.2 released

    A new version of MenuPin for EPiServer 8 is now available on the EPiServer Nuget feed . What's new in v2.2 In previous versions pinning or unpinning the menu meant the entire page was refreshed. Version 2.2 means the menu can be pinned without the...

  • Content Selector property with preview

    I prepared a small improvement for Content Selector property. Standard property is a label displaying selected content name and a button used to selecting a content. After editor selects an item it’s hard to determinate the ID of the selected...

  • Updates to EPiCode.SqlBlobProvider

    Version 1.3 of EPiCode.SqlBlobProvider is now available in the EPiServer NuGet feed. In addition to some minor performance improvements, there are a couple of new features: Cache blobs on disk If you have a slow database connection or a vast amoun... 11

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