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  • Persist "Show Content in Current Language Only" settings

    Introduction When working with multiple languages, it is possible to filter the gadgets to only show content in the currently selected language. CMS UI 10.4.0 introduces a feature that will persist those settings so that the user does not have to... 2

  • Exclusive Information for Developers about Episerver Ascend 2017

    Attention all developers! I have information I want to pass along to anyone who is planning to attend or thinking about attending Episerver Ascend 2017. Developer Discount & Oculus Rift Raffle (For Your Immediate Action) Have you registered for...

  • Speed up your catalog entries indexing

    Even with the raising popularity of FindCommerce, I suspect that many Commerce customers are still using the search provider system, as it comes with an undeniable benefit: It can be used within Commerce Manager. And while I suspect a majority of...

  • Knowledge resources for Episerver

    Whether you're evaluating new platforms for CMS/e-commerce, you're an editor or perhaps a developer, there are lots of questions you need answered. Here are some knowledge resources to give you the details on Episerver.

  • Vulcan comes of age

    Vulcan, the lightweight ElasticSearch client for Episerver , has been around for almost a year and is being used on various projects in all sorts of places – the US, South Africa, Scandinavia. It’s been surprisingly stable (considering I wrote the...

  • Episerver Languages and XLIFF support

    The popular Episerver Languages addon has added supported for exporting and importing content using the widely supported XLIFF format. Read Read the whole blog post.Related Posts: New version of Geta oEmbed Introducing oEmbed for EPiServer Redirec...

  • Dependency Injection within Initialization Modules

    Initialization Modules are the part of the infrastructure which runs during site startup. Those do not run after startup anymore. So it is fine to step away from rules applied to other application code. But then what are the good practices to...

  • Episerver Event Helper v3.0

    Years pass and hopefully you learn something and become better! One thing that have been poking on my conscience for a while is the old EPiEventHelper that I blogged about a couple of years ago. What’s wrong with it? There are two things I don’t...

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