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  • EPiServer XForms reCAPTCHA MVC implementation

    Google has released a new version of reCaptcha on 3 December. With one checkbox select you can indicate you’re not a robot. Google has named the new API ‘No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA’. You can read more about the new version on this blog. To implement the...

  • Adding StartPublishDate to PageTree tooltip

    In my previous blog post I demonstrated how to customize the tooltip, but it turned out we needed to add the StartPublishDate property to the Tooltip, and it turned out that the item object in the javascript file did not contain this property, so...

  • Display Help text in On-Page Editing

    To see a property’s help text in EPiServer 7, the editor needs to hover the property label. This is not always an intuitive behavior for the editor but I’ve found a way to it by making the help text visible next to the property. Create css file...

  • Changing the tooltip in the Page Tree

    A customer wanted to show some more data in the page tree tooltip. This obviously meant extending the user interface in some way, but the first step was to figure out where the tooltip was set. Where Are You being made? We started digging in using... 5

  • How to prepare an EPiServer CMS demo

    Developing in EPiServer is one thing - demonstrating the product is quite another. Preparation is key for a successful demo.

  • Installing EPiServer Community on an Existing EPiServer Site

    The Problem The EPiServer Community cannot simply be installed via NuGet (yes – I’ve tried that too), you need to install it using Deployment Center. However, when you try this, you’ll get the following error message (unless you have a really old...

  • Using custom CSS in edit mode

    TL;DR You can dynamically load your custom CSS for your components in edit mode via the xstyle/css plugin. Simply require the plugin with the relative path to your stylesheet as a parameter, e.g. xstyle/css!./path/to/stylesheet.css Dynamically... 1

  • EPiServer Google Maps editor on NuGet

    The Google Maps editor, for editing coordinates in EPiServer, can now easily be added to any EPiServer 7.5 website through EPiServer's NuGet feed.

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