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  • Add the missing Date-Time field in EPiServer Forms

    EPiServer Forms was one of the big news during 2016, and we like it but where was that Date-Time field. 

  • Service API for Customers, Carts and Orders released

    EPiServer released Service API some time ago but it was missing an API for Customers, Carts and Order. We at Geta have now released additional Service API endpoints for this Commerce functionality. For more information see my company's blog on...

  • Clean views with UIHints

    Simple lists of label-value-pairs on information pages often result in cluttered views. Tidy those up drastically with some simple UIHint-magic.

  • Version checker for Episerver

    Episerver releases software on a continuous release cycle. This means that a new version of Episerver is typically available every week . This is good news for customers as the software is kept up to date with new features and bug fixes. However...

  • Welcome to 2 new EMVPs

    It's with great pleasure we now introduce 2 new Episerver Most Valuable Professionals: Māris Krivtežs, GETA and Casper Rasmussen, Valtech Congratulations guys! Well deserved! Learn more about the EMVP program on 10

  • Validating for uniqueness with EPiServer

    This is just a short post describing a method found for validating that the value provided for field within a page or block is unique across other instances of that content type. The specific need was for a poll block that provided a question and...

  • Planned breaking changes 2016

    An update to let you know what breaking changes are coming in CMS this year. The main breaking changes are: A new state AwaitingApproval for content. We are also adding new events to IContentEvents and new save actions. Supports features around... 2

  • Planning to Use Website Templates? Answer These 5 Questions First!

    Many Saas-based platforms provide a marketplace for website templates, but before you buy templates, be sure to answer these questions first.

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