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  • How To Use Trust Signals With Your EpiServer Commerce Website To Double Conversations

    You might not have come across the term ‘trust signal’ before but you will have seen them used countless times on most major e-commerce websites. A trust signal is an area, or, feature on your website that helps builds trust your website visitors. If people visiting your website don’t trust your brand, your product or […]

  • Forms and WebForms pt3

    And the POC and learning continues. I did not like hiding the WebForms form, and it turns out that’s not necessary. You can include the Form controls in \Views\Shared\ElementBlocks. In the FormContainerBlock.ascx I replaced the form tag with a div tag. This will be made configurable in a upcoming version of the Forms add-on, so […]

  • A few hints about custom properties and StringList

    This will be a small blog post about an error you might encounter when creating custom properties with EditorDescriptors. I just got a weird error on one of my sites. StringList (the custom property in Alloy project) just stopped working in edit mode. Instead of the usual textbox where you add your input it displayed a button that said “Click th...

  • Episerver Find stemming

    One of the things that makes search challenging (and really interesting) is language handling. Often, spoken languages differ from what a programmer is familiar with, since the rules are more comparable to a never-ending set of exceptions than actual rules. To properly analyze a string of text, the system must understand all of these exceptions....

  • Episerver Find persistent queue

    As part of the continuous effort to operate optimally in the cloud, we have done multiple things to adapt the Episerver platform. In Episerver Find 12.1.0, we changed a fundamental part of indexing to better work in a cloud environment, where several client instances may be present and there is less control of the actual computing power....

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Ektron June Updates

As part of our spring seasonal launch, Episerver recently introduced a new service pack for Ektron 9.10.

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