Last updated: Dec 12 2016

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Where can i access and download Ektron CMS 9.1 ??  - sign in/create an account if necessary. Then, you'll see a product downloads link.


This doesn't seem to work. When I click on the sign in button it redirects to the Ektron Portal which has no sign in option.

Hi Dev Con13,

When I click sign in, I see the screen below. Do you have an account? If so, log in. If not, click Register to create one.
If this doesn't work, contact me at


Hi Bob,

The links that are redirecting to the tickets are not working. One of the support team replied to me with the link which you posted above. All the links on the Ektron section of the episerver world page are linking to the older portal.ektron site which is currently being moved.


There are still many links that are broken.  Thank you Bob for posting that link to the ZenDesk... I was able to find the right links from there.

Please help me with download link of EKTRON 9. i cannot find it.

Hi dragon wall,

  1. Go to
  2. Log in or create a new account.
  3. You will see Ektron product downloads at the top of the page.

Going to it acts like it wants me to log in, when I click that I go to a page telling me I am already logged in

I do not see Ektron product downloads either before or after that

I'm not able to find any download links either. Logging into just brings me back to


Please contact

Hello -

I need to open an Ektron support ticket. Should I use the



Yes, Vanessa, that's the correct email address.

Hi there.
We do support for a licensed Ektron customer.
We used to regularly (in 2016/2017) log in to portal.ektron to double check there were no more recent security updates ("security updates (last was Security Notice 12-4-2015 – 4th Dec)")

Where has this area been relocated to please and how do we gain access to this area to ensure our server hosting is safe for vulnerabilities please?

Hi Nicola,

The security updates are listed in the documentation

Andrew, the release notes link to Download points to and that has nothing about downloading on it.  When I sign in there, it redirects back to and says already logged in.

I need download links today as I was about to upgrade with all the latest.

Hi David, 

If you submit a ticket to someone on the team will fix that for you. If you name drop me it might go even quicker.