Last updated: Nov 02 2017

Episerver personalization developer guides

Episerver personalization is a suite of cloud-based products, combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis.

Personalized content recommendations online.

Personalized product recommendations online.

Personalized email recommendations and message triggers.

Personalized search results.

Getting started

As part of the onboarding, Episerver will send the required configuration keys and credentials to the technical contact for your project. Use these to configure the tracking for your websites. Contact Episerver for questions regarding the onboarding process.

NuGet packages

  • EPiServer.Profiles.Client. Main package for tracking of an Episerver site to Profile Store.
  • EPiServer.Profiles.Client.Common. Contains common classes used by other packages.

  • EPiServer.Tracking.Core. Generic package for tracking.
  • EPiServer.Tracking.Cms. CMS integration for tracking of data.
  • EPiServer.Tracking.Commerce. Commerce integration for tracking (Perform, Reach, Profile Store, Personalized Find).
  • EPiServer.Tracking.PageView. racking of CMS/content data to Profile Store (Advance).
  • EPiServer.Personalization.Common. Common base APIs for EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce and EPiServer.Find.Personalization.
  • EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce. Integration for product recommendations (Perform, Reach).
  • EPiServer.Personalization.CMS. Integration for content recommendations (Advance).
  • EPiServer.Personalization. Integrates Personalization Portal UI (Perform, Reach) with the Episerver global menu.
  • EPiServer.Find.Personalization. Integration for search recommendations.

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