Last updated: Mar 06 2015

Episerver verified add-ons

Episerver has a large ecosystem of add-ons and extensions. A portion of these are verified by Episerver. The Episerver add-on verification process ensures that add-ons use best practices and continue to work with the latest Episerver releases. A verified add-on:

  • Is built with support from the Episerver engineering team to ensure that it's using the best possible approach to integrate with or extend Episerver.
  • Is validated for quality by Episerver QA.
  • Ensures a continuous and direct link to the Episerver engineering team to quickly resolve issues and to answer questions for ongoing support.
  • Enables the building team acces to early information such as any planned breaking change that might affect their add-on.
  • Episerver works with each building team so that that add-ons become available at the same time or as soon as possible after an Episerver major version release, in the event an update is needed.