Episerver verified add-ons

Episerver offers many options for extending solutions through different APIs, add-on applications, and code contributions. Add-ons are developed and maintained by the Episerver partner ecosystem, as well as the Episerver developer community.

The following types of verified add-ons are available:

  • Episerver Verified Add-Ons – products and features developed and owned by Episerver and supported version to version.
  • Verified Technology Partners – add-ons provided by Technology Partners with a signed agreement. These add-ons go through the Episerver verification testing program, and are made available through the Episerver Marketplace.
  • Community Developed Add-Ons – developed by Solutions Partners, EMVP’s, or anyone in the Episerver community. Available as open source in the Episerver NuGet feed, or on GitHub.

Want to become an Episerver partner? See Episerver Partner Network.

Last updated: Mar 06, 2015