Tracking and personalization

The Episerver platform includes an intelligent suite of tracking and personalization products based on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis. The tracking component in Episerver captures and stores profile information, which can be used for personalizing content and product recommendations, and segmented marketing actions. Data in Episerver can be tracked to any source, with API options to connect with systems like CRM, ERP, and social and marketing automation platforms.

Personalization can also be based on custom visitor groups. Episerver lets marketers and merchandisers work with personalization in multiple channels, using an advanced set of tools available from one user interface.

The tracking and personalization product suite includes:

  • Episerver Insight. Use behavioral data and personal details for marketing campaigns, and compile visitor data according to profiles, journeys, personas or segments.
  • Episerver Advance. Present the right content based on individual behaviors and preferences, individualize landing pages, content listings and home pages automatically to increase engagement.
  • Episerver Perform. Enable personalized product recommendations throughout your web or mobile site, and create opportunities for cross-sells or upsells based on real-time visitor behavior.
  • Episerver Reach. Personalize emails for each recipient every time they open a message, and trigger messages based on customer website behavior such as product interest.
  • Episerver Personalized Find. Display search results optimized for each visitor based on behavioral data and merchandising strategies.

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Last updated: Nov 01, 2018