Episerver - update 357

Release summary

New release of Episerver Commerce.

Released items March 9, 2021

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  EPiServer.Commerce.Security does not work together with the latest CMS UI package

The latest version of CMS UI requires at least version 4.1.1 of Microsoft.OWIN.Host.SystemWeb. However, EPiServer.Commerce.Security only supports version 3 of that dependency. So if you have Commerce installed, and try to update to the latest version of CMS you will get the following error:

The latest EPiServer.CMS (11.20.4) depends on Microsoft.OWIN.Host.SystemWeb >= 4.1.1; via EPiServer.CMS.UI.AspNetIdentity 11.32.1. However the latest EPiServer.Commerce.Security (13.29.0) depends on Microsoft.OWIN.Host.SystemWeb < 4.0.0

This fix updates the EPiServer.Commerce.Security's dependency to Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb to be [4,5).

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  Allow deployments directly to web app without a slot swap

Added the ability to deploy directly to the "live-slot" of a integration web app to speed up deployments through the deployment API (no need to perform a slot swap/full warmup).

Episerver.PaaS.EpiCloud 0.13.15;
Mar 09, 2021
  Only discounts with highest priority are applied in certain circumstances

This is a fix for an issue where only discounts with highest priority are applied in certain circumstances.

Steps to reproduce (sample site):

  1. Set PromotionExclusionLevel to "Unit".
  2. Create two discounts of type " Spend for Discounted Selection " in two different campaigns. The discounts should target different products. 
  3. Set both discounts to exclude each other. 

Expected result is that a customer can get both discounts. 
Actual result is that only the discount with highest priority is applied. 

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  CSR Searched items disappear when click on scrollbar in add line item dialog

This fixes a scrollbar issue where the list of items disappear when adding a Line item to a cart in the Order Management (CSR) user interface.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  Null exception thrown when using ListContentOfContentType

This is a fix for an issue where null exception thrown when using ListContentOfContentType. 

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install sample site (QuickSilver).
  2. Remove "FreeTextBlock" from the project and rebuild project
  3. Use code to list all content of type "FreeTextBlock".
var contentTypeRepository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentTypeRepository>();
var contentModelUsage = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IContentModelUsage>();

var pageType = contentTypeRepository.Load("FreeTextBlock");
if (pageType != null)
   var contentUsages = contentModelUsage.ListContentOfContentType(pageType); // I get crash here

Expected: run successfully.

Actual: throw null exception.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  Incorrect logic in OrderGroup.Organization setter

This is a fix for an issue where OwnerOrg is always set to null when setting Organization in an abstract OrderGroup class.


EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  FindCarts(OrderSearchFilter filter, out int totalRecords) does not filter by CustomerId

This is a fix for an issue where CustomerId is not added to CartFilter variable.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  Order Management - Cart - Add Line Item - Quantity decimals

This is a fix to use integers (instead of decimals) when adding line item quantity numbers to a cart.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021
  IsModified is set for catalog content right after calling CreateWritableClone

Issue in the CreateWritableClone implementation in CatalogContentBase.

What happens is that when working with the CMS content writable clone IsModified state is False right after creation, which is correct. However, for catalog content the writable clone has IsModified set to True right after creation, which has been fixed.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Mar 09, 2021

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