Episerver - update 356

Release summary

New releases of Episerver B2B Commerce, Episerver PIM, and the Episerver Marketing Automation connector for SharePoint. Bug fixes for Episerver Search & Navigation.

Released items March 2, 2021

Area ID Type Description Released
  Sharepoint: Configurable thread pool

The thread pool for the SharePoint connector is now configurable.


AppSettings  = "EPiServer:Sharepoint:MessageThreads" 

Valid properties: 1 through 16

EPiServer.ConnectForSharepoint 2.3.5;
Mar 02, 2021
  Sharepoint: Error while downloading or inserting a document can result in excessive CPU usage

If an error occurs more than 3 times while downloading or inserting the same SharePoint document, the processor will orphan the thread and leave it in a state of constantly checking its status.

EPiServer.ConnectForSharepoint 2.3.5;
Mar 02, 2021
  Deadlock on tblFindIndexQueue while running service API import

This bug fix solves an issue where a deadlock occurs in tblFindIndexQueue while running an import job with the Episerver Service API.

EPiServer.Find 13.4.1;
Mar 02, 2021
  The page Find Content Indexing Job cant load when tblScheduledItemLog contains large entries

When there is a long message for a Job on the page EPiServer Find Content Indexing Job, then the page will fail to load with an error "The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large.".

EPiServer.Find 13.4.1;
Mar 02, 2021
  Log message 'IAttachmentHelper can not be initiated' as INFO instead of ERROR

With this fix, the message 'IAttachmentHelper can not be initiated' is logged as INFO instead of ERROR.

IAttachmentHelper is an optional module and is not required, so the message type in logs if the module does not load should not be ERROR.

EPiServer.Find 13.4.1;
Mar 02, 2021

Commerce_B2B_32.svgEpiserver B2B Commerce Cloud

For detailed information, see Release notes.

Release highlights:

  • Users of the Spire CMS can now enter search data mode to see additional information about search results and search scoring. This functionality is the same as the parallel feature in the Classic CMS.
  • The Spire CMS now supports specifying font sizes for the responsive versions of the Banner and Slideshow widget. Users can enter a specific font size in pixels for text that was previously pre-defined. Users can also enable an option to center text vertically inside of the widget container.
  • The product list page for Spire sites offers the third 'Columns' view, which allows shoppers to compare up to three attributes for a list of products.
  • The Rich Content Editor in the Spire CMS allows adding additional tags in code editing mode. The <script> tag is still not supported, and event handlers are also not supported in the Rich Content widget.
  • When configuring link lists or navigation menus in the Spire CMS, users can link to pages that are unpublished. This option should be exercised with care, as it can create broken links on a site if the pages are not published before the site goes live.
  • As of this release, only users with ISC_System Admin Console permissions can add or copy websites in the Websites tab. Any Admin Console user can update a new field called 'Display Name.' The value in this field affects how the website displays in the Admin Console and in the <title> tag of the storefront homepage.

The February 2021 SDK service packs were also released.

PIM_32.svgEpiserver PIM 

For detailed information, see Release notes - February 26, 2021.

Release highlights:

  • Refactored backend processes to improve performance when importing or modifying product templates.
  • Added a 255 character limit to the asset description to prevent integration issues with Episerver B2B Commerce.

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Last updated: Mar 02, 2021