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  • Using Personalized Find

    Episerver recently released Personalized Find (PF), a new product that delivers improved relevancy to visitors thereby helping to increase conversions on your website. Specifically, when used with Episerver Commerce, PF uses each individual's... 2

  • Exceptions in Find

    Episerver Find can be used in many places on a site, like menus, navigations, listings, and searches. One thing that usually are forgotten when using Find is that it’s a service in the “cloud”, where you should handle possible exceptions....

  • Nested queries in Episerver Find

    VIP-Players-Union So you finally got the promotion you were hoping for and now you the man in charge! As your first decision you obviously purchase a Episerver CMS and Episerver Find license. Everybody in the company applauds your decision and all...

  • Episerver Find stemming

    One of the things that makes search challenging (and really interesting) is language handling. Often, spoken languages differ from what a programmer is familiar with, since the rules are more comparable to a never-ending set of exceptions than... 1

  • Episerver Find persistent queue

    As part of the continuous effort to operate optimally in the cloud, we have done multiple things to adapt the Episerver platform. In Episerver Find 12.1.0, we changed a fundamental part of indexing to better work in a cloud environment, where...

  • Improving attachment search relevancy using the attachment helper

    The way that Episerver Find treats attachments is not optimal in all scenarios. If you are a large company with lots of documents in many languages, you might notice that the search hits are not always optimal when trying to find a document. This ...

  • Find optimizations export-import

    Recently I got a question if there is a way to transfer EPiServer Find optimizations from one index to another. By optimizations here I mean synonyms, related queries, autocomplete entries and best bets. There was no utility for this, so my... 4

  • New version of EPiCode.InspectInIndex

    I’ve uploaded a new version of EPiCode.InspectInIndex to the EPiServer Nuget feed. If you have not heard of InspectInIndex before, you should check out my previous blog post . The new version contains a few bug fixes, including a recurring... 2

Blog posts from the Find team

Blog posts from the Find team

Blog posts from the Episerver Find team.

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