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  • DIBS payment provider supports SHA-256

    In CommercePaymentGateways source code version 12.15.1 , we made changes in DIBS payment gateway.  In previous versions, DIBS payment uses MD5 keys to secure the communication between the Commerce website and the DIBS server. However, it's less...

  • Planned breaking changes for Commerce in 2019

    When we are closing on the end of 2018, it's probably the best time to talk about what future - namely 2019 - has for us. What I can share at the moment is we started working on a new major version of Commerce - most likely, Commerce 13 . Since we...

  • New release of AvaTax connector

    We've released a new major version of AvaTax connector -  an integrated transactional tax compliance add-on for Episerver Commerce from  Avalara . You now can easily find the packages on our nuget site . More precisely, the major version is 2.0.0...

  • New reporting features [Beta]

    Commerce 12.11, releasing earlier next week, comes with a new type of report: order summary, group by market, currency, and day, to give the site owners an overview of how well their site is performing: You can now go to the CMS Admin view, which...

  • New updates to Business Foundation

    Business Foundation is one of the oldest parts of Episerver Commerce, and it is the foundation of some of the most important features in Commerce: contact management (along with it, organization management). But it's hard to say it does the job... 1

  • What news in the JavaScript API for the Episerver Perform 2.1.0 (Episerver Commerce 12.9.1)

    As you all know, the release of Episerver.Commerce 12.9.1 was included a major change in JavaScript API for Episerver Perform version 2.1.0 ( link to release notes ) In this post, I will show you what are changes and how to update the existed code...

  • Extending Commerce campaign facets

    It's fair to say Commerce sites are imcomplete without sales campaigns and promotions. Episerver Commerce fully supports that and even better, it allows you to handle (fairly *) big number of campaigns and promotions with ease. One of the most... 3

  • Customizing catalog export contents to Episerver Campaign

    My first blog post on EPiServer World :) At the end of Sept 2018, we introduced new package named EPiServer.Campaign.Commerce, that supports exporting catalog content to EPiServer Campaign. The developer guide document for this new feature can be...

  • Multi-site support in the Personalization Native Integration for Commerce

    This week we released version 2.0 of the Commerce native integration package for Personalization (Perform/Reach), EPiServer.Personalization.Commerce. The reason for the new major version is that we have had to make breaking changes in some public...

  • A breaking change regarding IShippingPlugin/IShippingGateway in Commerce 12

    As you might already know, we reserve the major versions for breaking changes - when you upgrade to a major version, expect to have to change your code to make it compile and work. Our latest major version is Commerce 12, which was released almost... 4

Blog posts from the Commerce team

Blog posts from the Commerce team

Blog posts from the Episerver Commerce team.

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