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  • Issue with modules not being found in CMS 11

    Hello everyone! I want to quickly address the issues around add-on modules not being found after upgrading to CMS 11 before misinformation starts to spread. Marija mentioned some of these issues in her previous blog post 4

  • Pin the top menu in the Episerver UI

    The Episerver UI now has the ability to pin the menu at the top of the screen as a core feature. Its possible to do this by clicking the icon once the menu is opened as shown below: Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This feature is... 5

  • Taking more control of client-side rendering in OPE (Beta) (CMS UI 11.2.0)

    You can read more about how you enable Beta features in the documentation . Earlier, in CMS UI 10.12.0, we introduced some features  that let you take some control over the client-side rendering in On-Page Edit (OPE). One of those tools was the... 2

  • Property Value List

    We introduced the  List property some time ago, which allows you to create properties that accept POCO objects from editors. The feedback has been really positive, but there were suggestions that it should also be possible to provide the same... 3

  • Alloy templates are now available on GitHub

    Along with the release of CMS 11 we have also made the Alloy templates available on GitHub. There are separate repositories for Web Forms and MVC, available here: 2

  • CMS 11 - A package breaking release

    At Episerver we are using continuous releases and we follow  semantic versioning . That means that we release features and bugfixes continuously. A major release indicates that there is breaking change compared to the previous version. The main...

  • CMS 11 pre-release packages

    Pre-release packages of CMS 11 are being published to the Episerver NuGet feed  today. A pre-release version indicates that the version is unstable, it has currently been tested by both QA and internal teams at Episerver for a few weeks but there... 5

  • Taking control of client-side rendering in OPE (Beta) (CMS UI 10.12.0)

    You can read more about how you enable Beta features in  Fredrik Tjärnberg’s blog post . With CMS UI 10.12.0 we’re including some options to better support the On-Page Editing (OPE) experience for websites that want to handle the view on the... 10

  • Planned Breaking Changes 2017 (CMS UI)

    Notable Changes TinyMCE Package The TinyMCE editor and related plugin configuration features will be moved into a separate NuGet package as an add-on with its own versioning number and breaking changes. This is to allow us to have a release cycle... 1

  • Sticky View Mode

    In previous Episerver versions, a default view for the current content type was loaded when you navigated the content tree. By using a UIDescriptor, it was possible to change the default view for a specific ContentType. For example, in Alloy demo... 4

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