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  • Scheduled jobs setup in DXC Service

    Scheduled jobs is one of the essential features of Episerver platform. The main purpose of scheduled jobs is to execute in background repeatable long-running tasks within Episerver context, but outside of a web request. You can find more informati... 7

  • Support for ApplicationHost transforms in DXC Service

    As of 16th October 2017, Episerver Digital Experience Cloud Service supports ApplicationHost transforms enabling you to modify configuration elements that isn’t exposed in Azure as it was in your IIS management console. We can create a file named... 4

  • Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud™ Automatic Failover Solution

    The standard delivery of the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ Service ensures high availability through round the clock monitoring, utilization of scalable and highly resilient cloud technology, backed by Episerver’s global Managed Service Desk...

Blog posts from the Cloud teams

Blog posts from the Cloud teams

Blog posts from the Episerver DXC Service and Cloud teams.

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