Episerver Personalization

Episerver Personalization is a suite of cloud-based products, combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis. With the Episerver Personalization products, editors and merchandisers can present individualized content through multiple channels.

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Episerver Advance

Automatic personalization of content to create for example individualized landing pages and content listings.
- Personalization developer guides 
- Advance API

Episerver Perform

Personalized product recommendations for your web or mobile site, based on real-time visitor browsing behavior.
- Personalization for Commerce developer guide
- Merchandising rules for Recommendations user guide

Episerver Insight

User interface for viewing and filtering visitor profiles, and creating customer segments for omnichannel marketing campaigns.
Developer guides Insight and Profile Store
- Insight user guide

Episerver Reach

Personalized email recommendations and message triggers, based on visitor browsing behavior, such as product interest.
- Reach developer guide 
- Reach Mail user guide
- Reach Triggers user guide

Episerver Personalized Find

Boosting of search results and optimized rankings to automatically create personalized search results based on browsing behavior.
- Personalized Find developer guide

New releases

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Bug fixes for Episerver CMS UI, Episerver TinyMCE, and Episerver Commerce. The update applies to Epi...

New releases of Episerver CMS UI, Episerver Campaign, and the third-party add-on Mogul SEO Manager. ...