EPiServer Relate+, Community Tab Missing



 I installed EPiServer Relate+ from which i installed Community and CMS websites with databases But when i go to Edit Mode I am not seeing the Community Tab there. Can you please tell me why i am missing this Community Tab.

 Process I followed to install this is:

1- Installed Relate+ website.

2- Then  CMS website + database.

3- And Community website +database.



Aug 11, 2009 8:37

Are you trying to set up a standalone Relate+ site? If so you should be able to set up a new Relate+ site by choosing "Install Relate+ site" from the tree menu" of EPiServer Deplyment Center" (after downloading and installing Relate+ with application files) . No additional installation is required as the installation creates a demosite with templates.

If you are trying to install Relate+ on top of an existing CMS site then look at http://world.episerver.com/Forum/Pages/Thread.aspx?id=31413&epslanguage=en.

Aug 11, 2009 12:23

Yes i have succeeded to setup Relate+ Site by choosing "Install Relate+ Site" but the problem I am facing is that I cannot see the "Community" tab in CMS Edit Mode as it is shown in User Guide Relate under "Edit Mdoe Overview" section.  I am only seeing "Structure, Favorites, My Tasks" tabs OR there is some way to add this tab there as I am a newbie on this product.


Aug 11, 2009 12:54
Strange... Is it the new SP1 of Relate+ you are installing? I have not installed that version myself but will have a go at it and report any findings.
Aug 11, 2009 13:31
My fault, some settings were missing in web.config now its alright.
Aug 12, 2009 12:37


I am very new to EPI can u tell me wat r all the steps in integrating CMS 5 to Relate+, these r some steps i started with. 

I created a new project using visual Studio using EPiserver component, in that i am able to create EPiserver CMS 5 i want to use this as Relate+

I am also facing the same problem, not getting MAIL Tab and COMMUNITY Tab can tell me wat s settings we shuld add in config, file.


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