Paste unformatted as default

A customer relies heavily on pasting text from Word into the editor. Using right click to paste the text as unformatted takes a lot of extra time and it would be nice to avoid this extra step. Is it possible to make Ctrl-V paste unformatted text into the editor as default? Regards /Nisse Melkerud
#15981 Mar 25, 2008 19:07
  • Sebastian Lundh
    Member since: 2007
    Hi Nils, You can can add keybindings in the HandleKeydownEvent in TableEdit.js that's located in Util\editor\javascript. To paste unformatted with CTRL+V add the following case: case KEYCODE_V: pasteUnformatted(this.editorID); returnValue = false; break;
    #16743 Mar 25, 2008 19:16
    Thank you! /Nils Melkerud
    #16744 Mar 25, 2008 19:16
  • daniel.rojas-garcia
    Member since: 2007

    Is there a way to paste unformatted while doing a drag & drop?

    #29307 Apr 20, 2009 14:41