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Tony Högbom
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Hi! Is there anyone who can show me how to implement a simple property separator (like the one in this 4.x sample in CMS? Thank you very much :)
#15921 Mar 25, 2008 19:07
  • fredrik.haglund
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    Hi Tony! Use Add > New Item in Visual Studio to create a Custom Property. Notice that one main difference is that the rendering is moved to a separate class PropertyXXXControl. It could look something like this: [Serializable] [PageDefinitionTypePlugIn(DisplayName="Skillelinje", Description="Skillelinje for redigeringsmodus.")] public class PropertyDivider : EPiServer.Core.PropertyNumber { // TODO: Override members of EPiServer.Core.PropertyNumber to provide your own logic. public override EPiServer.Core.IPropertyControl CreatePropertyControl() { return new PropertyDividerControl(); } } ------------ public class PropertyDividerControl : EPiServer.Web.PropertyControls.PropertyDataControl { /* Override CreateXXXControls to control the appearance of the property data in different rendering conditions. public override void CreateDefaultControls() - Used when rendering the view mode. public override void CreateEditControls() - Used when rendering the property in edit mode. public override void CreateOnPageEditControls() - used when rendering the property for "On Page Edit". */ public override void CreateEditControls() { string divTag = " Sincerly, Fredrik Haglund, INEXOR AB
    #16639 Mar 25, 2008 19:12
  • martin.emanuelsson
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    Hi Fredrik and everyone else,

    We're interested in the same thing as Tony is asking for so if Fredrik, or someone else who has a similar solution, could share the code for a separator property we'd really appreciate it.

    Best regards


    #27864 Feb 11, 2009 11:20