Anders Brangefält
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Hi, How do I get GetDefaultDocuments in globala.asax.cs to fire of. I would like to change startpage handling for EPiServer CMS5 Enterprise edition. I cannot get it to work. Best Regards Anders
#15893 Mar 25, 2008 19:07
  • Linus Ekström
    Member since: 2002
    Hi Anders! The default document list will be triggered when a request that ends with "/" comes to the application. This is after the url rewriter (if enabled) has been triggered so most friendly url will be matched with their aspx-file. If you are browsing to the root for your site the methods should be triggered unless you have sett the property IsDefaultDocumentsEnabled. There was a bug in one of the release candidates that set the inheritance for Global.asax directly to our GlobalBase class. Check that you have the right inheritance in your project. The default implementation looks like this: protected virtual string[] GetDefaultDocuments(Uri url) { if (!IsDefaultDocumentsEnabled) { return null; } return new string[] { "default.aspx", "default.html", "default.htm", "default.asp", "index.html", "index.html", }; }
    #16585 Mar 25, 2008 19:09
  • Diego Delfino
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    Hi guys,

    im having the same issue as Anders,

    Basically I have 2 sites for the moment on the same server with an enterprice licens. they are 2 separate sites in IIS but point to the same directory. In web config I have putted down both of them under the <sites><site> tab but now i need to specify another masterpage  and aspx page for the other site. I have putted the settings showned in the technical spec of episervers site but nothing happens. i would apreciate some detailed info about it.



    #27989 Feb 16, 2009 16:52