Why does EPiServer deny 'everyone' to watch certain pages of website?


I have upgraded a website from CMS 5 R2 to CMS 6 R2.

Most pages are working as they should.
A page with the relative address Global-meny/Selvbetjening/Sok-ledige-stillinger-NY/Ferievikarer-onskes-i-helse-og-omsorg/ is working.
When one tries to access another page of the same page type with a similar address (with this relative address Global-meny/Selvbetjening/Sok-ledige-stillinger-NY/100--fast-stilling-i-enhet-Helse-og-familie/ ), one is redirected to EPiServers login-page.

In edit-modus 'everyone' is set to have read-access for the pages.

How do I remove the EPiServer-redirect to the login-page for this page, so that the user comes directly to the page instead of being forced to log in?
What is the redirect caused by? It seems that EPiServer believes that not everyone is allowed access to the certain page, but I don't see anywhere when this is configured.

#65826 Feb 11, 2013 16:14
  • Johan Petersson
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    This sort of errors is often related to pages being deleted (moved to recycle bin) or unpublished. You also have check for pages that are selected in properties and/or fetched from code.

    #65831 Feb 11, 2013 16:45