Is anyone using Eloqua?


We are considering EPiServer along with Sitecore and Ektron. I was hoping that some of you may be using Eloqua as your marketing automation program (sending emails, lead scoring, and lead nurturing) so I could see how you integrated this with EPiServer.

If any of you have come from Ektron or Sitecore, I would love to know what you like more about EPiServer.



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  • Deane Barker
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    I was a Gold Ektron partner for five years.  Over that time, I implemented (or consulted on) about 30 Ektron sites. We won an Ektron All-Star award in 2008.

    My addres is, if you want to talk more about my comparison of two systems.

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  • Jacob Khan
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    Hi David, I know that our Research and Development department have made a prototype integration for Eloqua. In general for any MA system adding the correct tracking codes are easy and can be done using EPiServer PageScripts. The other parts are also simpl:

    • Visitor groups criteria - doesnt require much affort but some way to call their APi to see if a user is a part of a campaign in the MA system.
    • UI component - this is also very easy, see link

    I know partners and end-customers who have done integrations to both Silverpop and Marketo using this approach

    Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions


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    Hi Jacob,

    I have a couple question regarding Marketing automation and Episerver. Do you have an email adress I can contact you with? It is about the integration with Marketo and Eloqua. 

    Thank you in advance! 


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