Viewing unpublished content when in edit mode



I have created a template which has a tabbed interface. The user is able to create or remove tabs by creating sub pages with a template type of "tab". The tab page istelf is not meant to be navigated to so is set to redirect to the parent page. The tabs content is then rendered on the parent page.

The problem I have is that when a user hits save and view, they can't see the tabs as they are not yet published. Is there anyway to display unpublished content on the page whilst in edit mode? Of how would I best go about this kind of layout?

Many thanks


Sep 07, 2009 11:35

Yes, it is possbiel but a little bit tricky...

GetPage() and GetChildren() returns page(s) published in the current language. You always have to use in a ILanguageSelector if you want to get PageData for another Language Branch than the current language branch.

PageDataCollection pages =
CurrentPage.PageLink, LanguageSelector.AutoDetect(true));


Property Values for the Published Version of a Page is stored in different tables in the database than all other versions of the page. You need something called WorkID in your PageReference to load other versions of a page than the published version.


You can read more in my blog post Work with Unpublished PageData from code.

WARNING! Last time I checked GetPage() and GetPages() returned skeleton PageData objects, where all user defined properties are null, for unpublished pages if you did not have a WorkID.
Sep 07, 2009 14:50
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