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Chris Randall
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I noticed recently when coding, how little documentation there is with EPiServer code.  Sure, there are the lovely hefty tomes of knowledge to enjoy in your spare time, but I prefer the more ubquitous Intellisense comments. Can anyone explain why the comments that I see in Intellisense for Microsoft's own libraries, haven't appeared to me?  It's like they thought "oops we didn't document our legacy code so let's just code wrapper classes and hope nobody notices".  I doubt that much  of the EPiServer.Core assembly has been recompiled in a "traditional" .Net way, but it would be nice to have it all there at my fingertips instead of on my bookshelf...
#30329 Jun 11, 2009 16:12
  • Per Bjurström
    Member since: 1999

    We previously installed our assemblies in Visual Studio with comments but since that caused problems when you had multiple versions installed we decided to remove that feature, basically Visual Studio sometimes decided to pick another assembly than the one you were using. We are still investigating alternative approaches.

    For now you can follow this blog post to get all the comments in a safe way:

    And regards to your other comments, we have no wrappers and the product is built using msbuild and all the normal procedures.

    #30339 Jun 11, 2009 17:41