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Richard A
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Hi !

Is it possible to have Episerver output HTML 4.01 "code" in any way ? For me, it just tries to output XHTML, regardless what I do. ( = ends tags in a xml/"correct" way etc )

So far I have tried:
* Build a HTTP module ( inherit from IHttpModule )
- In this, tried to replace all typical xhtml tags from /> to >. The problem is that in this moment, the HTML is like it should ( in this case html 4.01 ), It seems like EpiServer is doing something with it later in the process ?

( the reason that I want to make something that looks like HTML 4.01 is that it works better for html Emails )

Thanks for answers / suggestions !

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  • Richard A
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    I solved the problem by applying as custom made Filter class ( inherit from Stream ) to the Response.Filter in the pages override void OnInit -method. Here I do the try-to-make-the-response-html 4.01-compliant.

    The thing is that this is pretty much what I first tried to do, but the difference is that the OnInit seems to happen after EpiServer framework has done their replace-to-xhtml.

    So what happens here is:
    1. EpiServer framework doing some regex stuff to try to make the html xhtml compliant

    2. My code removes what EpiServer framework has done ;-)

    Have any other suggestions, please comment !


    #30251 Jun 09, 2009 11:19